Econsultancy and Marketing Week launch The Festival of Marketing, laying bare an entirely new landscape to help marketers tackle the challenges of an industry on the move.

Marketing is evolving at lightning speed – with marketers witnessing dramatic changes to the aims, techniques, technologies, channels, skills, structures, and challenges to what they do. With this dramatic digital-driven shift occurring, the UK’s pre-eminent marketing brands have launched The Festival of Marketing and Fringe, 8-10 October 2013, at London venues clustered around Tower Bridge.

The Festival is inspired by a powerful positive response to Econsultancy’s Modern Marketing Manifesto, a crystallisation of all that it takes to practice marketing today. The Festival weaves together five focused events:

Five Main Events
• Jump: explores the joined up customer experience
• Funnel: brings B2B marketers and sales leaders together to rev up revenue engines
• Crunch: tackles the science of marketing and celebrating the rise of the data geek
• Punch: delves deep into creative in the modern marketing, exploring the big ideas, data and insight, and the interplay of art and science
• Digital Cream FX: bringing senior client side marketers together for an exclusive invite-only roundtable
“This truly is marketing’s moment. In the past decade the discipline has moved from the periphery of business to its absolute core,” says Charlie Salter, COO, Econsultancy. “The Mad Men of a new digitally empowered generation, today’s marketers add real value by developing strategies, products, campaigns and creative that come from an unprecedented, personalised understanding of powerful consumers. The Festival celebrates both how far we’ve come and prepares marketers to accelerate their success.”

The Fringe
As the place for marketers to really let their hair down, The Fringe opens the Festival experience to anyone with an idea. Marketing industry vendors, media, agencies and analysts will host a variety of off-piste events: breakfast briefings, charity fund-raisers, comedy gigs, parties, pub crawls and the hottest ticket of the week: Marketing Frenzy, the Festival wrap-up party. The Fringe is where the fun happens and offers plenty of opportunities to meet fellow Festival goers.

Build Your Own Festival
In the spirit of how consumers are now empowered to individualise their own experience of a brand or business, The Festival is a ‘build your own’ event. Marketers have the option to create their own agenda for festival; they can choose which seminars and workshops to attend and dip in and out of sessions and across events in order to get the most from their experience. For example, a B2B marketer grappling with data analytics may want to attend parts of Funnel and Crunch, but dip into Punch for a bit of creative inspiration. There’s a Festival for every marketer.

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Published on: 12:49PM on 11th July 2013