A set of studies from Deloitte has identified significant potential economic benefits for NHS hospitals from a range of bedside IT services provided by Hospedia, who commissioned the research studies.

The growing pressures on the NHS Acute sector to reduce costs while improving patient care indicate a serious need for Trusts to identify efficiencies to current processes and utilise existing resources to deliver on their Cost Improvement Programmes.

Using these Deloitte studies, Hospedia have calculated that a typical 500 bed hospital could benefit by over £6million each year by using bedside software systems to improve patient care and streamline clinical workflow.

Extending this result across Hospedia's 70,000 beds in the UK shows that those NHS hospitals could benefit by over £890m a year. Full copies of the Deloitte reports, upon which these estimates have been based, are available upon request, making clear the assumptions upon which their work is based.

Alongside this, white papers have been produced for each of the Hospedia products, based on substantive analysis performed by Deloitte, as well as recent industry commentary. They provide an independent evidence base for the use of Clinical Access, Real-Time Patient Feedback, Emergency Patient Flow Manager, InPatient Flow Manager and Electronic Meal Ordering, from Hospedia, in hospitals.

The Hospedia team can provide the full Deloitte cases and work with hospital trusts to help build a business case for individual circumstances, formulate an implementation plan that works around operational requirements and assess how to tailor the services to specific needs.

For more information please visit www.hospedia.co.uk

Published on: 8:38PM on 11th July 2013