Specialist digital recruitment agency Neil's Recruitment Co. has launched an initiative to drive more quality graduates into careers in digital media, and recruiting them won't cost you a penny.

The concept initially stemmed from a recognition that the digital market has changed and advanced over the last few years. With data analysis becoming increasingly intrinsic, we need more analysts.

Digital media/marketing is a great sector to work in. It's a skill-short market and as a result provides virtually unrivalled career progression and prospects. The simple fact is that it's just not on the map for most of graduates we really need.

By running graduate recruitment as a free service, Neil's Recruitment Co. is able to directly engage with universities, giving lectures and running career events geared at improving awareness of the area as a career choice for graduates across maths, statistics and other relevant courses, as well as bridging the gap between university and work for marketing and more informed students.

The idea extends beyond this, the company also runs regular free training sessions led by experts in the market (more here www.neilsrecruitment.co.uk/free-digital-marketing-training/) and a company blog (http://www.neilsrecruitment.co.uk/blog/), which is geared towards making the market more accessible for graduates.

By offering a free service to clients, Neil's Recruitment Co. drives a unrivalled volume of jobs and consequently volume of candidates, ensuring investment in the very best graduates in the market. So not only is it free, it's also better.

Says Founder Neil Middlemass:

"It's better for candidates too this way - with no fees clouding the way, we can really work in their interests - support them, help them.

Our agnostic stance means we’re able to get to know more people on their way in, enabling us to spot (and build relationships with) the key graduates before they enter the market.

On a grander (and more heroic) note, it also allows us to start a wave of education which will help to drive much needed change in the market.

We're investing in our network this way, filling the market with our ambassadors and evangelists - people who know how we work and what we do."

A bit about Neil's Recruitment Co.

Not big, just clever.

Neil's Recruitment Co. is a specialist digital media recruitment agency based in London, focussing explicitly on recruiting high level digital acquisition marketers. That's the boring bit.

We're a bit different, no really - we are. We're an advocacy-based business and operate around an unrivalled network of contacts in the search, technology and RTB markets.

For more information, please visit www.neilsrecruitment.co.uk or contact us at hello@neilsrecruitment.co.uk

Published on: 2:36PM on 23rd July 2013