Digital agency Hallam Internet has taken on national newspaper The Guardian after it posted an article claiming 'SEO is dead'.

The article (, which claims 'Search engine optimisation (SEO) was always a flawed concept' was posted on Monday 22nd July and by Tuesday morning, Laura Hampton of Hallam Internet had posted one of the first in what was to become a stream of opposition articles.

Hampton's post, entitled 'Social media optimisation: the end of SEO?' ( tackled The Guardian's piece head on and spearheaded a social media storm for Guardian author Tim Anderson as SEO practitioners from across the UK took to Twitter and Google Plus to have their say.

"The article make unfounded claims that poorly represented the practice of search engine optimisation", explains Hampton. "It was irresponsible in my opinion to post such theories - which had no research to back them up - on such a well read website as The Guardian's and I'm pleased that the SEO community has responded so intelligently and articulately to defend its practices."

Following in the popularity of Hampton's post, Hallam Internet's Managing Director Susan Hallam met with The Guardian author Tim Anderson and interviewed him on his article and his response to the adverse reaction it received (

"I had a chance to meet up with the author of the article and over a cup of coffee had the chance to dig a bit deeper into his thinking and why he wrote the article," said Susan Hallam.

"The article has stirred deep controversy and quite a social media storm, primarily as a result of some of the provocative statements in the post. Tim agreed that the tone of the article was wrong but claimed the sensationalised title came from editorial teams, not from him," she continued. "The article was not factually correct and I have no doubt when I say that, contrary to the article, SEO is not dying."

In a comment posted on Hallam Internet's blog (, Tim Anderson later apologised for any offence caused.

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Susan Hallam, 'SEO is Dead (according to The Guardian)':

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Published on: 10:07AM on 26th July 2013