Australian companies understand the importance of the digital user experience (UX), but many are still failing to deliver more than mediocrity, according to research published this week by Econsultancy and Macquarie Telecom.

The research, based on a business survey of almost 200 Australian digital and ecommerce professionals, found that three-quarters (74%) of respondents say their companies are ‘committed to delivering the best possible online user experience,’ including 17% who say they are ‘seriously committed’.

In an age of growing consumer expectations and intolerance of poorly performing websites, the overwhelming majority of respondents (96%) agree that ‘user experience must lead all marketing and ecommerce efforts’, including 54% who strongly agree.

However, despite a widespread understanding of its importance, almost half of companies (47%) rate the user experience on their own (or their clients’) digital properties as just ‘okay’ and 16% rate it as ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’. This compares to just 37% who rate it as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

Meanwhile, just under half of those surveyed (47%) rate the user experience across digital channels as ‘not very consistent’, while a further 7% say it is ‘not at all consistent’.

The research, carried out in May and June 2013, found that problems with technology platforms are the barrier most widely cited by client-side respondents as preventing further UX investment. Lack of staff is seen as the second most significant barrier to further investment.

The lack of understanding and education about UX within companies is also holding back investment, with this most evident from the perspective of agency respondents.

Another problem for companies identified by the research is a lack of budget for user experience. Only 14% of companies have a dedicated UX budget, and only 15% plan to create a dedicated UX budget over the next 12 months.

On a more positive note, 51% of companies have budget for UX from elsewhere, and increases in budget are planned for 88% of companies.

Stuart Mills, Head of Digital and SaaS Hosting at Macquarie Telecom, said: “Customer engagement today is all about their online experience with your brand. Decisions to engage are made in the blink of an eye, and your ability to deliver an exceptional end user experience heavily influences their choice to purchase from you, or from your competitor.”

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Published on: 11:16PM on 31st July 2013