In celebration of all the recent developments to the popular online pay per click tool Google Adwords and all the opportunities these changes offer small businesses with an online presence, cutting-edge Oxfordshire online marketing agency indium online have declared August 2013 to be “Awesome Adwords August”.

Awesome Adwords August is a month long programme including some fantastic free content and experiences that can be taken advantage of all from your own office! This includes a Free Seminar Series, Free Adwords Reviews, Free Adwords Clinics, an exclusive free download of the Pay Per Click (PPC) chapter from Chloë Thomas’s upcoming book eCommerce Marketing, plus regular blogging from their team of Adwords experts!

Throughout August the indium online team want to help as many UK SME’s as possible to understand what developments like the enhanced campaigns upgrade mean exactly, and to give them a head start on the masses for adopting the brilliant new opportunities now available.

“If 2012 was the year of everyone obsessing about Google’s changes to the natural search engine, then 2013 will be known as the year that savvy marketers took advantage of the massive changes being made by Google to the popular paid search engine, Google Adwords.” Chloë Thomas, founder of indium online and author of the eCommerce Masterplan.

One of the most exciting things for those who are interested in joining in with indium online’s Awesome Adwords August is that they can participate for free and all from the comfort of their own desks! There is so much happening within the month to educate and inform those who want to take advantage of the recent changes and reap the rewards before their competitors do!

Throughout Awesome Adwords August there will be regular blogging from the experts, focusing in on topics such as impact of the recent enhanced campaigns upgrades to Adwords accounts, explanations of what negative keywords and quality scores are, and various other tips, tricks and examples of how your campaigns should and should not be running!

Core to Awesome Adwords August is the Free Seminar Series hosted by indium online’s very own founder and owner Chloë Thomas. The series consists of four interactive seminars, commencing with a particularly interesting Adwords overview around “What the changes are, and how you can capitalise on them”. The first of these is on Wednesday 7th August at 2.00pm.

Businesses are also invited to submit their Adwords accounts to the team for a Free Adwords Review by their team of Adwords experts. They will give a performance review for the last 12 months of activity on the account and provide at least 3 actionable tips to improve the performance of Adwords accounts. This is a great opportunity even for those who are pleased with their current Adwords performance, as even if the account is doing well there is almost always a way to do better!

For a more interactive discussion around Adwords accounts there are also a few strictly limited one to one Free Adwords Clinics. Within these 45 minute slots one of the indium online Adwords experts will go through both the good and the bad within the account and answer any specific questions that businesses might have about their activity. At the end of the clinic every client will be given a personalised Adwords Report Card detailing key areas for improvement within the account along with a minimum of 3 quickly actionable tips that will improve account performance. Finally they will highlight the number one opportunity for that business to improve their Adwords performance. The Free Adwords Clinics can be held either face to face at the indium online head office in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, or screen to screen. The Free Adwords Clinics slots are expected to fill up fast.

For those who have not yet started Adwords advertising or simply just want to read up on why they should consider using it, indium online are also offering an exclusive free download of the Pay Per Click (PPC) chapter from Chloë Thomas’s upcoming book eCommerce Marketing. The book is not being published until mid-September 2013 and as a part of Awesome Adwords August the indium online website is the only place that people can get their hands on this great information about PPC marketing. Alongside this, indium online are inviting people to post their specific Adwords questions in their Adwords Q&A Page, from which the indium online Adwords experts will be posting the replies to such burning questions.

Whatever stage you are at on your Adwords journey, Awesome Adwords August presents a brilliant opportunity for small businesses to get involved and learn not only about the core Adwords principles, but also about all the layered services such as Product Listing Ads, Remarketing, Image and Video Ads and the Display Network. As Awesome Adwords August will reveal, with all the recent changes Google have made you can’t afford to think of the different services as silos anymore, rather they are Layers that can be added on and integrated with Core Adwords to drive much greater results.

So if you want to have Awesome Adwords performance this Autumn? You need to take to part in Awesome Adwords August!

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