In spite of an increase in operational spend on marketing activities,* most mid-market companies still lack the skills, knowledge and technology to use big data effectively for marketing purposes. Big data analytics provider Differentia Consulting is addressing the lack of credible and efficient marketing analytics solutions in a new strategic partnership with lifecycle marketing company Magiq.

Using Magiq’s lifecycle marketing expertise Differentia is now offering customers the new Smarter.LCM dashboard. This new application enables marketers to analyse the big data generated from the millions of interactions their customers make with their websites, and target them with personalised content without the need to hire data collection or analysis experts.

Adrian Parker, VP Strategy and Marketing at Differentia, says: “Consumers are increasingly bombarded with generic marketing communications; we believe that personalised individual messages are the key to reaching consumers and slicing through the noise. Effective big data analytics can help businesses to target millions of consumers on an individual level. However, until now there has been a lack of awareness, expertise and solutions amongst mid-market companies on how to facilitate big data’s marketing applications.

“Using Magiq’s market-leading, lifecycle, marketing solutions, Differentia is extending its range of big data solutions with effective and insightful marketing analytics. Magiq’s platform enables us to provide vast insight into consumer behaviour, and profile each and every individual site visitor, whilst also providing the ability to identify the effectiveness of campaigns and optimise them accordingly. New and existing clients will now have the opportunity to use this creative, new, data based marketing solution to change the face of their marketing activities and dramatically improve their conversion rates”.

Malcolm Duckett, CEO of Magiq, said: “Differentia is a leader in big data analytics, with world renowned mid-market clients such as ITN, Travelodge and Yell. This new strategic partnership enables Differentia to offer new and existing customers a method by which they can optimise their big data analytics for their marketing activities. This is not only a vital element to achieving short-term campaign success, but also to ensure that in the longer term, Differentia customers are able to remain competitive in an increasingly advanced economic landscape.”

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* Information taken from the latest Institute of Practitioners in Advertising Bellwether report, which shows 22 per cent of companies surveyed reported an upward revision to their marketing budgets in Q2 2013, the highest since Q3 2007Q2 2013.

About Differentia
Differentia Consulting are a global award winning, QlikView Business Discovery Platform Elite Solution Provider. We have delivered QlikView Consulting Services to 250+ customers and we offer QlikView solutions across a wide variety of industries. We are currently expanding our QlikView horizons by offering Smarter.BI dashboard applications to our clients. These Smarter.BI dashboard applications are intended to show the power of QliKView and offer game changing capability. By offering a best of breed approach of QlikView + Tools + Extensions our Smarter.BI offerings continue our Lean IT approach: reducing cost and delivering value to our clients.
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MAGIQ is the real-time lifecycle marketing company dedicated to helping businesses ‘market like a megabrand’, with its powerful, affordable and effective web personalisation and lifecycle marketing services.

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Published on: 3:36PM on 12th August 2013