ActiveStandards launches new real-time website optimization service – Phostir (BETA) – to help companies improve customer experience across mobile, tablet and desktop devices

London, England – August 13, 2013 – ActiveStandards, developers of the market-leading website quality platform trusted by Shell, Unilever, HP, Alcatel-Lucent, Nestlé, and many other global enterprises, today announced the Beta release of Phostir, a completely new type of website optimization service, aimed at helping companies improve their digital customer experience across all types of user devices.

“The way web content is delivered is changing” said ActiveStandards CEO, Simon Lande. “The explosion in the number of different devices, platforms and screen sizes, combined with the ability to deliver “personalized” experiences, is creating an increasingly fragmented end-user experience. Managing the customer experience across all of these devices is now a major challenge for most businesses.”

“This is why we created Phostir – which takes a completely new approach to website optimization, designed to help companies improve their digital marketing effectiveness, prioritize their workflow, and increase conversions in a multi-device world.”

Phostir is a tag-based system implemented on websites; every time someone visits a page, Phostir reports back in real-time, analyzing issues which need optimizing on the device being used. It maps quality issues against visitor traffic so you can see the real impact of any problems on your pages. This helps you focus on the business critical issues that are impacting the largest numbers of your users, right now.

Phostir’s real-time reporting dashboards show you exactly where the user experience is breaking, in which devices, and guides you quickly and easily through the fixing process. It tests for a wide range of issues including usability, readability and accessibility errors, and on-page SEO.

In addition, because Phostir monitors every visit, it can also expose previously impossible-to-detect errors in personalized web content. Errors in real-time behavioral data, such as product recommendations, can now be identified and fixed, for the first time.

Key features and benefits:

* Optimize websites across all devices and improve marketing effectiveness and conversions

* Test personalized and targeted web content and eliminate hidden errors

* Manage risk by immediately identifying errors in high visibility content

* Rank better in search engines and increase traffic

* Increase productivity and work smarter with real-time analytics and issue prioritization

Businesses are invited to sign up for the Phostir BETA program and join the journey as the platform evolves.

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About Phostir

Phostir is the all-new website optimization and testing tool designed to help you achieve an outstanding customer experience across ALL platforms and devices. Easy to install. Easy to use. Sign up free to become a Beta user today.

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Published on: 1:53PM on 13th August 2013