WSI, the leading internet consulting firm is now providing a complimentary social media assessment for businesses that want to get the most out of their digital marketing efforts. Social media is a must in the current business environment and WSI experts can quickly determine if a client is using social media effectively.

(Dubai, U.A.E. – August 16th, 2013) WSI ( is now offering businesses a complimentary social media assessment. The professionals at WSI will evaluate every aspect of a firm’s current social media usage and strategy and give those firms a quick review of current conditions and how they can more effectively use social media to reach their business goals. According to Husam Jandal, WSI Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, “companies of all sizes and in every industry are poised to expand the reach of their marketing communications if they learn to use social media platforms to their maximum effect.”

The WSI team takes a comprehensive approach during every social media assessment. First they evaluate a firm’s current social media accounts and use of social media in their marketing efforts. Once the assessment is over, WSI digital marketing experts offer a snapshot of what’s working and what’s not and then outline some potential tweaks to help make use of social media as effective as possible.

If a firm decides to become a WSI client after the assessment they will gain the advantage of all the expertise WSI has to offer. Social media is incredibly popular and can attract and hold the attention of a broad segment of the population where other marketing vehicles cannot. WSI offers a strategic plan for all those who want to implement social media. Starting with a complete education into just what social media is, WSI helps clients establish social media guidelines, build the best social media presence and measure and monitor all social media activities.

To learn more about WSI’s social media assessments and strategies visit the company’s website at or call (+971) 4 364 4593 to speak with a company representative. Visitors to the website can also contact the company by filling in the form on the site’s “Contact” page.


WSI is headquartered in Toronto Canada, with a strong regional office in Dubai, and is considered the global leader in internet solutions. The company has more than 1500 local offices in 87 countries worldwide. WSI professionals are trained in every aspect of internet marketing and they specialize in providing affordable internet services and solutions that let clients effectively leverage their investment in the digital world.

Published on: 1:24PM on 16th August 2013