Customer experience management (CXM) platform, Qubit, (, announced today the release of its Opentag Enterprise. Tailored to websites exceeding 10 million page views per month, Opentag Enterprise empowers e-Commerce and marketing professionals with a future-proofed, fully integrated tag management system (TMS) including: Qubit’s Universal Variable data model, which can be hosted on businesses' own Content Delivery Network (CDN) and features CPA De-duplication and Privacy Consent modules. Universal Variable enables businesses to create a complete view of customer patterns so that marketers can strategically design meaningful web experiences through enriched customization, boosting conversions and performance.

“Our customers are truly unique and we strive to bring them an unexpected experience online without sacrificing a personalized feel,” said Richard Jagisch, Senior Manager Internet Marketing at Hammacher Schlemmer. “The pace and dynamics of our customer data have skyrocketed due to the complexities of AB testing and customization and we needed to structure this rich, tangible insight. However, we found that many TMS’s were costly and over engineered, widening the gap between our marketers and developers. With Opentag, we have the flexibility of a powerful, affordable TMS that goes beyond the basic tag footprint with features such as Behavioral Attribution and AB testing.”

Qubit estimates that TMS adoption has grown nearly 600 percent in the last six months, with no signs of traffic slowing. As the volume continues to intensify, marketers are grappling with the flood of costly, complex, digital marketing and analytics tools. Opentag Enterprise allows global businesses, such as Hammacher Schlemmer and Shop Direct Group, to take control of unstructured customer data to better understand motivations and buying behaviors. Furthermore, the enhanced intelligence layer which bolsters testing agility and big data analysis is available at a price point significantly below competing offerings. Armed with these insights, e-Commerce sites can quickly and cost effectively deepen web personalization and fuel substantial conversion rates.

“Opentag has far exceeded expectations both from a performance and ease of use perspective,” said Gareth Naser, iDevelopment Management at Shop Direct Group. “With these new Enterprise-friendly features, Opentag is a perfect substitute to other, more expensive TMS’s in the market.”

Opentag Self Service, the company’s mainstream product, has seen strong adoption based on its advanced TMS capabilities and flexible pricing models. Complementing Opentag Self Service, Qubit has also launched features designed specifically for enterprise customers:

1. Container management for multi-site and multi-account enables users to copy scripts across both containers and accounts, ideal for agencies or multi-site businesses

2. Hosting own CDN to maximize performance allows businesses to take advantage of TMS while maintaining the delivery through the consistency and trust of their own CDN rather than rely on a third party network

3. Custom JavaScript code mistake identifier offers a developer friendly tool for real-time error proofing

4.Container History shares the comment history and script changes of every container
Technical support with dedicated account management based across North America and Europe alongside existing online and email support

5. Flexible billing options with the ability to choose between monthly and annual billing

“Marketers want to touch and feel their website, yet understand their customers’ preferences as the deciding factor in how to present the shopping experience. While the explosion of TMS has brought utility, it comes hand-in-hand with inefficiencies and limited options for enterprise customers,” said Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit. “Structured data needs to be the guide if a retailer wants to reach the highest conversion rates. Opentag is one of the key pillars of our customer experience platform, with the enterprise features created expressly to help marketers cultivate website personalization. As critical as speed and agility are, better data and ways of understanding data, create the effective strategies necessary to inspire increased website sales.”

About Qubit

Qubit is a big data customer experience management (CXM) platform. Founded in 2010 by four ex-Googlers, its technology helps the twenty-first century marketer create personalized website experiences to drive enhanced conversion rates. The company’s suite of products identifies patterns of behavior by bringing together visitor analytics, tag management, AB testing and personalization within a single integrated platform. Marketers can optimize and test websites in real-time, without the need for specialist IT resource driving improved conversion rates, increased customer satisfaction and sustained ROI. Qubit works with some of the world’s leading ecommerce businesses, including TopShop, Staples, John Lewis, Farfetch and Harveys Furniture and is headquartered in London with offices in New York. The company received $7.5 million funding from Balderton Capital in December 2012.

Published on: 5:21PM on 19th August 2013