50% of leading websites will have adopted tag management technology by 2017 according to new research from Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform Qubit. The data shows a massive surge in take up amongst the top 100,000 websites globally, with adoption increasing by 600% since May 2012.

Tag management systems (TMS) help web marketers to control the plethora of software ‘tags’ that are increasingly a part of modern retail websites. These tags help to enable on-site technologies such as analytics, social sharing, targeted advertising and more. With the average retail website now hosting more than 30 tags, a means of controlling them has become essential. As well as giving marketers a means of managing increasing complexity, tag management can also help reduce site load times, increase marketing flexibility and reduce reliance on IT departments.

The research, which looked at the tag management technologies in use on 100,000 leading websites, also found some key trends in the TMS marketplace. Whilst server-side tag management represented 49% of the market in 2012, client side solutions now dominate with more 80% of the installed base.

The rapid growth in tag management adoption has been driven in large part by free products such as Google tag manager and services such as Qubit Opentag, which combines flexible pricing options with enterprise functionality, both of which contributed to a significant spike in uptake at the end of 2012. Free products now represent 44% of the total installed tag management market.

Whilst the research found that, overall, 6% of major websites now have a TMS in place, this figure varied widely across industries. For example, 18% of the largest global retailers are using tag management whilst only 4% of leading travel businesses have adopted the technology.

Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit, said: “Tag management is rapidly becoming a must have for major website owners and, in the next four years, you’re going to be in the minority if you’re not using one. The reasons are clear – it can improve site speeds, increase agility and empower marketers to take control from IT. What all of this means together is that, with the right TMS in place, you can drive conversions on your website faster.

“It’s interesting that the take-up of tag management varies so widely across industries. The benefits of the technology are universal so we would expect to see continued, strong growth across markets in the coming years.”


About Qubit:
Qubit is a big data customer experience management (CXM) platform. Its technology helps the twenty-first century marketer create personalised website experiences to drive enhanced conversion rates.

Qubit’s products collect huge amounts of information about users’ interactions with a website and analyse this to identify patterns of behaviour. They then use this understanding to deliver live personalisation, driving improved conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction.

The company’s suite of products brings together visitor analytics, tag management, AB testing and personalisation within a single integrated platform. This allows marketers to optimise and test websites in real time, without the need for specialist IT resource, helping to drive rapid and sustained ROI.

Founded in 2010 by four ex-Googlers, Qubit is headquartered in London with offices in New York. Qubit works with some of the world’s leading ecommerce businesses, including TopShop, Staples, John Lewis, Farfetch and Harveys Furniture. The company received $7.5 million funding from Balderton Capital in December 2012.
Qubit enables online marketers to:
• Integrate with ease – Qubit consolidates many disparate technologies, plugging into a site via a single line of JavaScript and our Universal Variable data model; this one time integration creates a lifetime foundation for data collection and targeting
• Test with confidence- Qubit combines quantitative and qualitative data to predict visitor behaviour and target high value user segments; this helps site owners prioritise how they optimise
• Remove IT barriers – Qubit has a hands on interface that lets marketers and ecommerce professionals discover insights and deliver personalisations without hassling the IT team; this puts marketers in control and means they never have to miss a marketing opportunity
• Deliver ongoing ROI - Qubit is a low risk, cost effective and transparent solution that rigorously measures any change you make to a site, from A/B tests to live personalisations; this means site owners can trust their results and constantly justify investment

Published on: 5:24PM on 19th August 2013