21 August 2013, Singapore – Econsultancy has today published its first best practice report for China’s largest search engine. The Baidu Search Best Practice Guide, sponsored by China Search International, is essential reading for both in-house marketers and agency professionals based in China, as well those outside the region looking to conduct business in Asia.

The report is a comprehensive, impartial guide to the specific challenges and opportunities relating to search marketing in China, helping marketers understand how the Baidu ecosystem really works and the region-specific factors they need to take into account to optimise their search campaigns.

As well as providing a snapshot of China’s internet and search landscape and an overview of Baidu’s advertising products, the guide looks at how marketers can get started with Baidu and includes best practice tips in eight key areas:
• Local insights and strategies
• Measuring success
• Tracking strategies
• Keyword strategy
• Technology selection
• Integration
• Optimisation

Tammy Learn, Global Operations Director at China Search International, said: "The Baidu Search Best Practice Guide details a number of obstacles and challenges that Western marketers encounter when engaging with Baidu. Importantly, these obstacles are there for a reason – to protect the Chinese people from fraudulent websites. Every hoop marketers are asked to jump through, every form they fill out and every approval process they encounter is designed to ensure that only genuine products sold by genuine brands are advertised on Baidu."

She added: "The payoff is that the Chinese public displays a high level of trust for sites advertised on Baidu. The Chinese are considerably more likely to click on an SEM result than an SEO result – in complete contrast to how Western search users behave."

Monica Savut, Econsultancy’s Research Manager and one of the report's editors, said: "Taking into account that around 80% of China's internet users regularly use search engines to find relevant information and Baidu is the search engine of choice for the vast majority, the opportunities afforded by the platform to target large audiences are obvious. The report, a first for the region, examines in detail country-specific strategies, localisation issues and how marketers can get the most out Baidu’s search marketing products."

The report complements Econsultancy's highly popular Paid Search Marketing (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practice guides. At 300 pages each, the two reports contain everything marketers need to know about paid search and search engine optimisation and are available to Econsultancy subscribers or on a pay-per-view basis.

The Baidu Search Best Practice Guide is available for Econsultancy subscribers to download here: http://econsultancy.com/reports/baidu-search-best-practice-guide

For more information about this report, contact:
Monica Savut, Research Manager, Econsultancy
monica.savut AT econsultancy.com

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Published on: 3:00AM on 21st August 2013