SDL and Webtrends today announced a strategic alliance to provide marketers with the ability to improve customer engagement with more personalised, in the moment experiences, spanning digital and offline channels. SDL will OEM Webtrends Streams® for real-time campaign management within the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite.

To be successful today, brands must deliver compelling customer experiences. To do this, brands need to develop a deep understanding of their customers on an individual level and across all interactions and channels. Through this alliance, marketers will gain unparalleled insight into their customers’ digital behaviour and intent.

Armed with Webtrends Streams™ real-time intelligence, marketers can conduct multichannel customer analysis and deploy highly personalised content that directly meet the needs and actions of the customer in the very moment they are engaged with the brand. Effective analytics provide the necessary insights to construct and execute these complex interactions across all channels and touch points throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

The combination of the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite and Webtrends Streams™ will enable global marketers to:

• See actions in the very moment when the customer is navigating and engaging with digital properties
• Track marketing campaigns within digital touch points at the individual visitor level so marketers can tailor and deliver the most relevant content
• Understand multichannel interactions and the path to purchase to focus resources and maximise the effectiveness of marketing investments
• Improve segmentation and targeting efforts for each customer to ensure that relevant content is being delivered and each customer has a personalised experience

“Webtrends has evolved marketing into a real-time opportunity to interact with individual customers with highly personalised content. This ability both strengthens and integrates seamlessly with the SDL platform,” said Alex Yoder, CEO of Webtrends. “By blending Webtrends Streams™ with the SDL Intelligent Marketing Suite, brands will gain a new understanding of their customers and have the ability to immediately respond to their needs in a way that is relevant to them and in turn drive conversions and customer loyalty.”

“There are two prerequisites for converting customers – possessing a comprehensive understanding of their needs and offering genuine, engaging experiences while they are in the moment,” said Joe Stanhope, chief strategy officer, SDL Campaign Management & Analytics. “The combination of SDL and Webtrends delivers on these requirements. This means being able to respond to behaviours in context and without delay. With Webtrends and SDL, brand marketers can dramatically improve the speed, relevance and effectiveness of their marketing efforts.”

“This strategic partnership with Webtrends further demonstrates our commitment to helping marketers optimise customer experience throughout the entire customer journey, from pre to post-purchase. SDL’s customer experience management offerings uniquely enable marketers to gain deep customer insights, orchestrate global content and deliver contextual experiences that enhance engagement and improve commercial outcomes,” said Grant Johnson, CMO of SDL.

Published on: 3:14PM on 27th August 2013