London 12 September 2013: Crombie, an iconic British brand favoured by the likes of Churchill, The Beatles, and Cary Grant has given its ecommerce site a complete makeover. The new state-of-the-art website developed by ecommerce specialist Diligent Commerce provides improved user experience and a host of new features.
Crombie coats have been worn by generations of icons from rock stars to heads of state and royalty. Crombie’s universal and enduring appeal is owed to its timeless elegance and scrupulous attention to detail. These were the guiding principles of Diligent’s design team.
The new website design pays homage to the longstanding heritage of the brand. It also features that latest thinking in ecommerce web design. The website is fully responsive and optimised to work across all devices and web browsers. Visitors have the choice to browse through categories or narrow their search down to a single product with comprehensive filters. The first class lifestyle photography and cutting edge ecommerce functionality are merged perfectly together to create a superior online brand experience.
Diligent Commerce MD, Simon Bell, commented: “It is a great privilege to work with such an iconic brand. Our brief was to create an online experience that would on the one hand reinforce the lasting appeal of the brand and on the other hand give it contemporary, edgy feel. We needed to strike the right balance between the two.”
“We are delighted with the end result,” admitted Alberto Junco, Head of Communications at Crombie. “The new site has a much more stylish branded feel but not at the expense of the functionality. We believe our existing and future customers are going to love the new site.”

About Diligent Commerce
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About Crombie
The Crombie Story began in 1805 when John Crombie, son to a family of Scottish Weavers, established his first woollen mill in Aberdeen. Using the finest natural fibres, he quickly established a reputation for the luxurious quality and durability of his cloth. Over the years the Crombie Coat has transcended fashion to become an iconic garment in the history of British Menswear. A timeless look that has seen the Crombie Coat worn by Presidents, Royalty, Hollywood stars and Rock legends - such as John F Kennedy, King George VI, Cary Grant & The Beatles. The word Crombie is listed in The Oxford English Dictionary to describe a Gentleman’s Wool coat and the stature of the Crombie Coat has remained undiminished over time, from the Earl of Chesterfields bespoke version in the mid 1800’s through generation after generation, to the wardrobes of the best dressed men today.

Published on: 6:06PM on 12th September 2013