BrownstoneIT are pleased to announce their first installation of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) over satellite. VPN’s using Satellite connectivity are quite difficult to achieve due to the latency of the connections from dish to satellite, but BrownstoneIT have successfully installed a complete system for a remote worker in France.

A VPN facilitates the use of home working. With a VPN, a remote worker – however far away they may be from their office – can connect to the main office network to be able to access e-mail and corporate filing systems. Providing a VPN for your workers provides huge benefits for your company including extending the geographic range of your network and therefore the global reach of your organisation.

Security is an issue dealt with by Virtual Private Networks. The BrownstoneIT service utilises the industry standard Internet Protocol Security Protocol (IPSec) which uses encryption for privacy and “keys” to identify the VPN users.

BrownstoneIT also includes a Net Security Gateway which can be used at the remote location to provide essential services such as a hardware firewall, anti virus systems, content filtering, caching services, SMTP relay and DHCP server.

All of BrownstoneIT products and solutions are based around Satellite ADSL and Satellite Leased Lines. Through this they offer a unique proposition to the market place. No matter where you are based or what your application is, BrownstoneIT can provide you with connectivity and the network infrastructure, so you can get on with your business without waiting for a terrestrial connection.

BrownstoneIT can provide a bespoke solution installed on a trailer, lorry, bus or van enabling a truly mobile satellite broadband connection – ideal for exhibitions, roadshows, mobile classrooms or disaster recovery.

For more information please contact:
Ben Lilly, COO – BrownstoneIT. Tel: 0845 123 3836 Fax: 0845 123 3703

Published on: 12:00AM on 10th June 2005