Bluegrass Digital is roughly the same age as the internet and shares a 16-year milestone with a global super-force that only became popular around 1996. This is a big deal for the London born, South African based digital agency. Considering the relatively short lifespan of this online market - and the flood of fierce competition - how does a boutique agency like Bluegrass become one of the oldest digital production firms?

It all lies in location and as Bluegrass’s Managing Director, Nick Durrant explains,“As a leading provider of digital production and creative technology solutions, we work closely with ad agency and media partners all over the globe. Having offices in London, Johannesburg, and Cape Town means we can make our famously diverse pool of knowledge and expertise available to clients and partners, more easily.”

Bluegrass Digital’s extensive and varied global market exposure has prepared them with an appreciation of the particular challenges faced by the economy.. This has allowed them to create a unique blueprint that merges neatly with the nations needs. Significant knowledge, experience, and expertise in the field of website technology and development, means their services span the entire scope of digital production from website creation onward.

“Unlike many digital delivery providers, we don’t believe in endings”,adds Durrant.“While the internet is a lot more mature than it was when we first set sail sixteen years ago, it’s still a work in progress. Online marketing is a journey, not a destination, and as such we help our clients grow in parallel with the medium.”

Bluegrass Digital’s strength lies in their specialisation in complex UX Design and Wireframes. This ranges from the web, to apps and mobile and encompasses all areas from design, to database creation, testing, implementation, and launch.

The agency offers expertise in a host of tools as far as web technologies go, both old and new. This includes ASP.NET, PHP, AJAX, JSON, C# and Visual Basic. Web development is fully catered for with HTML5, XHTML, CSS3 and JavaScript libraries such as Backbone.js, Raphael,js, Highcharts.js and custom JS development. Responsive websites use frameworks such as Bootstrap and Skeleton.js or custom solutions are created. Additionally, they support Adobe Flash - MX, AIR, Flex, Starling framework, ActionScript 2 and 3 for basic gaming and touchscreen experiences. Their mobile team use a variety of approaches to suit budget, flexibility and functionality and they support HTML5, varies JS mobile frameworks, Objective C, Java, Phonegap, Sencha, and MonoTouch for mobile application development. Their technical skillset goes deep and further support databases such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL and integrate into various legacy systems.

Bluegrass Digital is also a proud Microsoft, Umbraco, and EPiServer Solutions Partner, with solid experience in both WordPress and Drupal content management platforms.

Technology and skill set aside, Bluegrass Digital understands the importance and need to create and nurture mutually beneficial client relationships with other agencies. Their main aim and focus is to service their clients with a cutting-edge digital product. To date, Bluegrass Digital has worked with world-renowned clients like JWT, Saatchi and Saatchi, Inferno, HeathWallace, DDB, KingJames, SABMiller, Honda and Monster Energy.

If one considers the prospect of the next sixteen years - despite the sheer fluidity and unpredictability of the internet - one thing seems certain,“We’ll be here”, says a confident Nick Durrant.

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Published on: 8:20AM on 17th September 2013