New research shows that retailers who successfully implement multicultural content marketing achieve greater international success with a significant increase in volume of sales in the run-up to Christmas.

The white paper, released this week as part of a collaboration between NewsReach ( and EnVeritas Group (, surveyed leading marketers in a bid to garner the most successful elements of an international content marketing strategy.

The guide, entitled ‘A Christmas Story: Content marketing for ecommerce success in a multicultural world’, is available as a free download ( and aims to help brands expand their reach to international audiences, over and above simply translating online content.

In the report a number of international marketing strategies from leading retailers including Marks & Spencer and Coca-Cola are put under the spotlight by industry experts, with's marketing team offering insight into their multicultural content marketing strategies.

Karen Webber, Head of Marketing Communications at NewsReach, says the company’s desire to collaborate with EnVeritas Group stemmed from both firms’ belief in the long-term power of multicultural content marketing for both retailers and brands.

She said: "The next few months are of crucial importance to businesses as they prepare for the Christmas period. Brands expanding into new markets need to be aware of the best ways to engage with international audiences at this time of increased spending.

“The paper looks at strategies that have worked in the past for successful firms as well as analysing the current plans of a number of businesses with regards to international content marketing. It shows that multicultural content marketing is a quickly evolving topic for businesses of all sizes.

“What is clear is that companies can no longer rely on simply translating their online content. In order to make the biggest impact to the bottom line this engagement must be personalised and country specific.”

She concluded: "We hope our white paper can provide businesses with fresh ideas towards their international content marketing strategy and ultimately increase sales.”

Published on: 2:42PM on 20th September 2013