eSearchVision, the international SEM leader with offices in 5 countries, is unveiling a rebranding effort to reflect its new focus on performance marketing and business analytics.

ESV Digital was founded in 2004 with the vision of combining big data analytics and human expertise to optimize digital marketing. By building proprietary software and developing its own optimization methodologies, ESV Digital was able to achieve significant ROI improvements for its clients and quickly became a leader in the field of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), both in France and internationally with a presence in all major European countries (UK, France, Italy, Spain) as well as the United States.

As digital marketing has evolved towards auction-based, hyper-segmented media buying, ESV Digital has successfully applied its analytical DNA to additional marketing channels: social media, RTB, mobile media, video and cross-channel analytics. Hence, ESV Digital grew from a Search Marketing Specialist into a global Performance Marketing Agency.

ESV founder and CEO Stanislas Di Vittorio comments: “As we expand across multiple geographies and marketing channels, ESV seeks to continue serving our clients as digital marketing grows in complexity and in importance across all kind of verticals. We will keep putting our clients’ interests first as this is the key to our long-term success as a performance marketing specialist”.

About ESV Digital:
ESV Digital is a digital marketing agency and global technology provider with expertise in digital marketing strategies and traffic acquisition through Paid Search, Performance Display, Social Media and Mobile Advertising. With presence in 5 countries and campaigns in 15 different languages, the ESV Platform powers more than 200 clients globally with over $300 million of PPC spend under management. ESV Digital’s clients include Philips, BNP Paribas, Ubisoft, Disney, Estée Lauder and Canal +. Please visit for more information.


Published on: 3:31PM on 2nd October 2013