Key Points to Know:

• Research shows intent to purchase more than doubles when consumers see a brand’s response to a

negative review

• Brand responses significantly improve product sentiment and increase sales when used to clarify

product differentiators or correct misperceptions

• Bazaarvoice Connections enables brands to respond to reviews

AUSTIN, Texas, October 2013 — Bazaarvoice, Inc. (Nasdaq: BV), a technology company connecting

businesses together to amplify the authentic voices of consumers where they shop, today released

The Conversation Index Volume 6, a research study that investigates the role of social technologies in

building better relationships between businesses and consumers. The latest volume of Bazaarvoice’s

semi-annual research series details how consumers establish a dialogue with businesses through

social technologies and how brands and sellers can build stronger relationships and improve shopping

experiences by responding to online feedback.

Addressing the need for brands to directly respond to reviews and answer questions on retail sites,

Bazaarvoice Connections now enables nearly 1,000 brands to participate in conversations happening

about their products or services on retail and shopping sites in the Bazaarvoice network representing

hundreds of millions of consumers. Brands can sign up for Connections and answer questions about their

products for free at

Based on an analysis of data from more than 100,000 pieces of user-generated content in the

Bazaarvoice network and responses from a survey, conducted by Wakefield Research, of 1,600

nationally representative US adults, key findings in The Conversation Index Volume 6 include:

• Responsive brands increase sales. When consumers saw a brand’s response to a negative

review, their overall opinion of the product and their intent to purchase more than doubled

compared to when they saw a negative review without a brand response. In addition, when

brands responded to a review in which the product owner misused or demonstrated a significant

misconception about the product, shoppers who saw the brand response were 186 percent more

likely to purchase than those who didn’t. Similarly, when a brand’s response offered to refund,

upgrade, or exchange a disgruntled customer’s product for a different model, shoppers were 92

percent more likely to purchase than shoppers who saw no response.

• Perception improves when brands respond to consumers. Shoppers see responsive brands

as caring and trustworthy and show higher sentiment toward their products. Seeing a brand

response to a review made consumers think the brand “really cares about consumers” (41

percent), “has great customer service,” (35 percent); is “a trustworthy brand,” (22 percent); or

provides “products [that] are high quality” (14 percent). Average sentiment also improved 157

percent after seeing a review with a brand response that corrected product misuse and offered

corrective instructions, and 88 percent when a brand response offered to refund or upgrade the

reviewer’s product.

The Conversation Index also highlights that consumer feedback often contains a call to action (CTA),

such as product suggestions, support requests, and simple words of thanks—all of which present

opportunities to respond. The analysis identifies the methods brands can use to quickly and easily identify

these CTAs in consumer feedback, and also provides guidance on the ways brands can develop effective

responses that will resonate with consumers.

With Bazaarvoice Connections, brands can answer questions, respond to reviews, and make purchase

recommendations on the retail sites in the Bazaarvoice network where their customers research and

buy—through one simple portal. In turn, retailers leverage their suppliers’ unique product expertise and

passion to create an exceptional online shopping experience that increases traffic and revenue both on

sites and in stores. Participating brands range from consumer packaged goods companies, to leaders in

the apparel, consumer electronics, and beauty categories.

Comments on the News:

• “We all accept that businesses need to be more engaging and some go so far as to say businesses

need to be ‘human,’” said Lisa Pearson, chief marketing officer at Bazaarvoice. “The data behind

The Conversation Index tells us that responsiveness is one of the most important dimensions of

a more ‘human’ commercial relationship. With the acceleration of market changes from social

media, new technologies, and increased competition, companies who want lasting relationships

with consumers must participate in experiences that foster trust, dialogue, and collaboration at

each stage of their journey.”

• “Like most brands, we have historically been isolated from customers at the moment when

they’re most open to be influenced—in the retail aisle,” said Ray Mazur, CIO at Homax Group.

“Connections gives us the ability to engage directly with our customers, which helps us avoid

being caught flat-footed on potential incorrect usage of our products and proactively address

low star reviews. The insights we gain are critical not only to our ability to manage our brand

reputation and protect customer loyalty, but also preserve our position as a preferred vendor with

our retail partners.”

• “The ubiquity of user-generated content has created challenges for retailers—who cannot scale

to respond to the volume of consumer content—and brands, who are often locked out of

conversations about their products and need a way to protect brand reputation and influence

sales,” said Pehr Luedtke, general manager, Connections at Bazaarvoice. “Connections solves

for this by providing a brand representative in the digital aisle, enabling product experts to engage

directly with consumers deep in the purchase funnel where they can help consumers to make

decisions and enjoy better product experiences."

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Bazaarvoice connects businesses together to amplify the authentic voices of people where they shop.

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