-) Mobile Marketing and Commerce Report finds that only 11% of retailers see showrooming as a threat to their revenue.

-) Companies in Asia most likely to have a strategy for mobile.

22 October 2013

The majority of companies will be increasing their budget for mobile marketing over the coming year, according to research published today by Econsultancy and BuyDesire.

Seven out of every 10 companies have stated that they will spend more on mobile marketing in the next 12 months, as they seek to keep up with the mobile revolution.

The research revealed that only a minority of companies currently use mobile channels or technologies, but many intend to incorporate more of these into their marketing activities.

The Mobile Marketing and Commerce Report, published by Econsultancy in association with BuyDesire, is based on a July–August survey of more than 500 in-house and agency marketers.

The research shows that nearly a third of responding companies (29%) will use tablet-specific sites for the first time in the next year, with significant increases in the proportion of companies using location-based marketing and mobile commerce (22% and 20% respectively).

Bola Awoniyi, Research Analyst at Econsultancy, said: “The research makes it clear we are at a tipping point with regards to mobile marketing and m-commerce. More companies that have been treading water with mobile technology will be taking the plunge in the near future.”

Part of the research looks specifically at the retail sector. Despite two-thirds (67%) of retailers acknowledging that the number of customers using smartphones in-store is increasing, most seem oblivious to the threat of showrooming. According to the research, just 11% see mobile-based showrooming as a threat to revenue.

Awoniyi added: “The use of mobile devices in-store doesn’t have to be a threat to retailers. However, those that make mobile part of their in-store customer experience stand the best chance of stopping customers from searching elsewhere on their mobile devices.”

Denique Ogilvie, Co-Founder of BuyDesire – a company working at the intersection of traditional and online retail – thinks there are significant opportunities now for mobile marketing: “Retail is about choice, which makes it about information. Combining mobile with commerce and, of course, social networking opens incredible new pathways.”

In other findings, interesting regional differences regarding mobile technology and marketing were revealed. Asian companies are significantly more likely to have a mobile strategy than their European and Australian counterparts.

The research shows that respondents in Asia are most likely to agree that they ‘have a mobile strategy’, with 52% of survey participants in this region agreeing that this is the case, compared to 41% in Australia, 40% in the UK and 21% in mainland Europe.

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Published on: 9:00AM on 22nd October 2013