24 October 2013, London – Econsultancy today announced the release of its first Data Management Platforms Buyer’s Guide, the most comprehensive report available on this topic, and an invaluable resource for organisations who want to understand this market.

The aim of this report is to define what data management platforms (DMPs) are, where they fit in today’s business environment and how they can benefit marketers, advertisers and publishers alike. The guide has a global focus and includes profiles of 12 leading vendors as well as advice for buyers looking for a data management platform.

Econsultancy Research Manager Monica Savut said: "Interest in data management platforms has been surging in recent months, fuelled by the strong growth exhibited by the programmatic buying sector and increasing internal pressure to explore big data. A large proportion of organisations have started to take into consideration proprietary data when optimising media buys."

She added: "DMPs were born out of a specific need – having easy access to data from multiple sources, aiming to drive efficiencies in display advertising, but they’re more than pure data repositories and their remit should be (and increasingly is) extending to cover multiple marketing platforms and channels."

The detailed assessment of the market and company profiles included in this guide can help organisations identify the right data management platform and benefit from centralised control of data and standardised data management to better target users on- and off-site. The guide also includes extensive insight from individuals on the front-line of the online advertising industry.

Trends covered in this guide include:

-) The importance of balancing data, intuition and technology
-) More companies turn to DMPs to tackle big data challenges
-) Platform integration and consolidation: the evolving role of the DMP in the enterprise technology stack
-) It’s no longer about data collection, but about data connectivity

The guide contains in-depth profiles of the leading data management platforms to help quickly evaluate vendors and tips (and pitfalls to avoid) to help you find the right platform.

The following data management platforms are featured in the guide: [x+1], Acxiom Corporation, Adobe Systems, Aggregate Knowledge, BlueKai, eXelate, Krux, Lotame, nPario, Rocket Fuel, Turn, Weborama.

The Data Management Platforms Buyer’s Guide is available for download here: http://econsultancy.com/reports/dmp-buyers-guide

For more information about the report, contact:
Monica Savut, Research Manager, Econsultancy
e: monica.savut AT econsultancy.com
T: +44 (0)207 269 1454

Ideally, this buyer's guide should be read in conjunction with our Best Practices in Data Management report, which aims to explore the strategic and everyday issues and opportunities presented by the explosion of customer and behavioural data and the myriad of tools and services available.

You can download the Best Practices in Data Management report here: http://econsultancy.com/reports/best-practices-in-data-management

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Published on: 9:00AM on 24th October 2013