Marketers will spend more on content marketing in 2014 as they look to solidify strategies and produce better content for their target audiences.

The latest research from NewsReach ( found that just two per cent of brands will reduce their spend on content; of the remainder, three-quarters plan to increase their expenditure.

Over 100 people, of whom 87 per cent class themselves as marketers with a roughly equal split between agencies and in-house, shared their views on the changing state of content marketing and the trends they expect to develop in the near future.

The survey found that companies are now increasingly outsourcing their content. In 2012, 58 per cent of companies did not outsource at all, but that figure has now decreased to 50 per cent of businesses who create content solely in-house.

In addition to spending more on developing clear strategies and creating outstanding content, brands may also look to invest more in testing and analysis, content seeding and paid content discovery, according to respondents.

Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, told NewsReach: “You will see more brands buying actual media companies in 2014.”

Investment in the creation of custom graphics is also likely to increase in 2014, as the survey showed marketers believe visual content ranging from infographics and videos to memes and cartoons is the most effective content type for social sharing.

Chris Trimble, Director of Content at NewsReach parent company Axonn Media, predicts that technology will play a key role in content marketing in 2014.

He said: “The more sophisticated content marketing becomes, the more difficult and labour-intensive it is to manage, and we’re at the stage now where a lot of marketers are going to be looking to technology to make their lives easier.

“Currently there’s little in the way of quality tech designed specifically to help with content marketing. This will certainly change.”

A summary of the key findings of the survey are outlined in an infographic entitled The Changing State of Content Marketing (, while the full results can be viewed on the NewsReach blog ( along with Axonn Media experts’ predictions for 2014 (

Published on: 9:48AM on 17th December 2013