An award winning independent feature, written and directed by a 23-year old on a £3500 budget premieres online on 05.05.05. The Plague by Greg Hall is the second on-line feature film premiere to date and represents a significant step for independent film. It offers a direct route to the films audience, and takes advantage of the explosion in broadband uptake in the UK. The Plague is being distributed by digital film channel partnered with streaming provider Groovy Gecko and BAFTA winning design agency Franki&Jonny.

The Plague will be available as a download in both Windows Media and Quicktime compatible formats. The film file is licensed for unlimited views on the machine it is downloaded to. The ticket price is £4.

The Plague has already made a serious impression in the industry, winning awards in Sarajevo and at last year's Portobello Film Festival. The film has also been championed by British auteur Mike Leigh, who described it as "very alive and very much a movie".

Set over one weekend in London, The Plague is a modern day, multi-cultural snapshot of urban life, seen through the eyes of four friends on a mission to survive another weekend. An original soundtrack from British hip hop pioneer 'Skinnyman' adds to the fizzing tension. The film's young cast give powerful, mature performances, belying their lack of experience. Director Hall, who first picked up a camera aged 15 and already has a string of short film successes on his reel, displays a confident style with wit and pace.

The Plague is the first feature selected by digital film channel for their on-line 'Stream Cinema' programme. Stream Cinema will offer fresh features and shorts for download as digital files, providing a new, direct exhibition channel for the hundred's of festival films that gather dust after a handful of screenings. co-founder, Neil Bedwell, commented, "There is a wide audience for new cinema. It's just too much of a risk for mainstream distributors to try and get them all in front of one cinema screen. The Internet, and the technology now available to us, provides the perfect medium to deliver these films straight to their audience. The Plague is the perfect film to launch with.
It really showcases the talent and potential out there. Imagine what Greg and others like him will do with a bit of budget!"

Greg has picked up two major awards for The Plague. He was selected by Mike Leigh for the first ever Katrin Cartlidge Foundation Bursary in Sarajevo last Summer. He also won Best Director at last year's Portobello Film Festival in London. Making a feature film on such a tiny budget was a serious undertaking for the young filmmaker. "The three week shoot, with no breaks, was the most intense and insane thing I've ever done. It took us eight months to edit, working all day then editing through the night. My Editor slept on my floor for three months. The result is worth it now though. Everyone's reaction has been incredible. It's blown me away. And Mike's (Leigh) support has been crucial in getting the film seen". <; <; <; <;

NOTES TO EDITORS is an independent digital film channel promoting and supporting new talent. It offers three strands of activity. Exhibition - through its Stream Cinema and mobile films programmes. Festivals - promoting new filmmaking through unique festivals such as The 50 Quid Film Festival.
Inspiration - digging out the real stories behind new independent film, in monthly on-line magazine The Plug. is an independent company, founded by filmmakers Neil Bedwell and Jon Mortimer in early 2004.

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Franki&Jonny are led by Creative Director Franki Goodwin and Technical Director Jonathan Green. Since 2003, they have pioneered a unique, integrated approach to film marketing. They have worked on projects as diverse as the World's first online film premiere to the re-branding of British horror. In March 2005, Franki&Jonny won a BAFTA Interactive Award for best film website for 'Trauma' ( <;).

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Published on: 12:00AM on 21st April 2005