Leading Mum & Baby experts, Aptaclub, have launched an iOS7 update for their best-in-class pregnancy app – ‘Preparing for Birth’. Helping mums-to-be stay on top of their pregnancy to-do lists, and offering useful tools such as a contraction timer, the app provides expert advice and support when preparing for birth.

Led by their knowledge of their tech-savvy target audience, and following a continuing increase in web traffic to their website, Aptaclub are keen to offer mums the latest mobile experience, and keep on top of best practice.

Designed and developed by The Real Adventure, the update includes new content, and a more contemporary look and feel, in keeping with the natural user interface design of iOS7.

Fern Shannon, at Aptaclub Consumer Connections said, ‘Mums across the UK are becoming more and more mobile and expect the latest solutions for their mobile apps and devices. The Preparing for Birth app is now iOS7 enabled and offers an optimised user experience for mums. Overall, the look and feel is much cleaner and includes new features such as upgraded checklist functionality and a 'Your Opinion Counts' option so mums can give feedback easily, at the click of a button.’

Already highly rated on the iTunes store, Aptaclub are hoping the iOS7 update will ensure the ‘Preparing for Birth’ app will continue to be a handy and helpful tool for mums-to-be.

Published on: 11:13AM on 21st February 2014