25 February 2014 - the speed of use of email marketing technology has a dramatic impact on the success of email marketers.

This is the finding of a new research study published by Econsultancy, in partnership with dotMailer.

The research project reveals just how marketers spend their day, and how successful email marketers are outperforming their counterparts, through the ‘speed of use’ of their email marketing technology.

The headline stat: marketers with email technology that makes their tasks fast/easy are 57% more likely to report above-industry average conversion rates.

What’s more, despite this correlation between email marketing success and email technology speed-of-use, 37% of marketers describe their email solution as ‘slow/difficult’ to use.
Only 36% of marketers reported actually being happy with the ease and speed of use of their email technology.

Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Speed Imperative Study – a global survey of more than 500 marketing professionals – found that marketers are facing extreme time challenges in their day to day work. And time is the missing ingredient in practising advanced and more profitable email marketing.

The survey shows how marketers with slower systems spend over half their time on email, in deployment, creative and basic data segmentation.

Tellingly, marketers with email technology that delivers speed of use spend 250% more time on strategy than their slower peers.

The results of this activity appear to speak directly to the bottom line, with marketers using email technology that is slower to use being three times more likely to report below industry average conversion rates.

Skip Fidura, Client Services Director for dotMailer, comments: “The breadth and weight of workload on marketers seems to grow materially, year on year, and time is absolutely key to their success.”

Econsultancy Research VP Stefan Tornquist comments: “Marketers have more to do than they have time in which to do it. In theory, technology is here to help with that challenge. In reality, most marketers are dissatisfied with how technology is addressing the challenges they face with lack of time.”

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Published on: 9:44AM on 25th February 2014