NeoWorks – - the software solutions consultancy, has released their significant upgrade to the hugely popular AuCMS content management system.

The NeoWorks CMS is the engine that powers high-profile websites including This new release has been developed to radically improve the productivity of the end-users by making the interface more straightforward to use and includes some groundbreaking new functionality.

The key new features to this version of the CMS include an improved and reorganised user interface that has been optimised to allow the user to get to frequently used functions within a single click and to generally be faster and more responsive.

The new version also incorporates a powerful search facility which allows the user to search through all the content held in the CMS for words or key phrases. The facility allows searches to be limited to certain areas of the content hierarchy or to certain types of content allowing the user to quickly locate the item of content they are after.

The integrated deleted content management system ensures that clients can quickly recover any deleted data either as a result of user error or because new content could be based on previously deleted content. Clients can now view content which has been deleted allowing a user to restore it. This combined with the historical tracking of all changes made to content provides a powerful facility for reviewing and reusing historic designs and concepts.”

NeoWorks developed a new feature that shows which assets relate to which pages, so that the user is aware of the implications of any changes across the website which is key to understanding how the content and assets used on the site relate to each other. This can be particularly useful in understanding when, for example, a shared asset such as an image is changed which pages it will affect.

“The original version of the CMS was extremely effective, and as such, this new version is more of an evolutionary step – but a significant evolution. The first version was such a commercial and technological success, we did not want to take it apart and create something new. However this is not an overhaul just for the sake of making a change. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the systems we create evolve in accordance with their’ needs.” Said Richard Hobbs, director of NeoWorks

The new version of the CMS has been installed on the website and Elin Parry, Interactive Manager, at Five is delighted with the results;

“As a valued partner of ours, we clearly appreciate the fact that NeoWorks took on board our feedback and made such strides in helping us improve our productivity. One great benefit to us in this new release is the ability to add custom internal workflow procedures. For example, we can now track certain pieces of editorial and check where they are in a final approval process before they go live on the site.”

Lateral (, Five's Interactive strategic partner, confirm the upgraded AuCMS improvements and additional features enormously aide their efforts in keeping the site up-to-the-minute and fresh. Project Director
Gerard Myers said, "AuCMS has always been a valuable tool in the work that we perform for Five, but the new version's enhancements and improvements make it indispensable."

”All our clients have given this new release a hugely positive review, so naturally we’re pleased that this has been such a resounding success. As a result, we now expect an influx of new clients and we’re sure that our new CMS will be an effective tool to showcase their websites.” Added Hobbs.


For further information on NeoWorks or this project please contact Karen Durham-Diggins, kddPR: on +44 (0)20 8989 2541 or email


About NeoWorks:
NeoWorks develop, deploy and support high quality software solutions. A focus on well-designed and maintainable software ensures performance, scalability and low total cost of ownership. NeoWorks have over five years of experience developing content management, e-community, e-business and desktop application solutions.

Clients include: Levi's® Europe, Five, Universal Group Direct, London Metropolitan University’s Learning Technology Research Institute (LTRI) and
Royal Doulton

About Five:
Channel Five became the fifth and final terrestrial broadcaster in 1997. In its short history it has become a serious rival to other terrestrial broadcasters, operating on significantly less money and attracting some of the best on and off screen talent in Television. In September 2002 it was re-branded as Five and won the inaugural Channel of the Year Award at the Edinburgh Festival.
Five continues to be Europe's most cost-efficient broadcaster and has enjoyed enormous success and critical-acclaim with a raft of prime-time arts programming, America's finest imports and popular factual documentaries.  

About Lateral:
Lateral, is a small, but perfectly formed, independent digital communications agency, that packs a punch with heavy weight clients.

UK based Lateral, established in June 1997, has evolved into a unique consultancy that focuses on providing their clients with creative strategies and then executing them, using a support network of symbiotic business partnerships with specialist companies and their own network of companies.

Their pioneering expertise and professional approach has attracted recognition both within the new media industry, having been awarded several times for their work, as well as the consumer market as can be seen by their client list which includes; Levi’s® Europe, Faber & Faber, Nintendo and RSPCA

Published on: 12:00AM on 27th April 2005