Webtrends, the global leader in digital marketing solutions, today announced that the UK’s national weather service, the Met Office, has implemented its Webtrends Analytics solution, resulting in substantial improvements to its content marketing strategy and online experience.

Webtrends Analytics has enabled the Met Office to transform its content marketing strategy using evidenced, data-driven knowledge to better understand its online audience and preferences. Since implementation, the Met Office has a greater understanding of how specific campaign tactics and content are performing, allowing for more visibility into where investment in marketing resources should be spent.

Webtrends was selected for its robust Analytics platform and ability to access in-depth reporting into online visitor behaviour to identify actionable insights. Webtrends Analytics has been deployed across all digital channels, providing the Met Office with a clear overview of the interactions taking place on its website, mobile and social channels. This allows the team to further understand what provokes positive responses from visitors.

As the only government organisation to offer advertising and sponsorship, the Met Office uses the insights gathered from Analytics to develop a content strategy designed to boost advertising revenues. Having proven insight into visitor behaviour and trends demonstrates the value of the Met Office’s advertising space to current and prospective partners. Additionally, increased visitor insight enables the Met Office to optimise its online content to improve user experience by making the most popular content more prominent to visitors.

Simon Swan, Head of Digital Marketing, the Met Office, explains: “The Met Office website sees very high traffic volumes so we need a robust analytics platform to report on visitor behaviour. This allows us to see traffic peaks and hotspots so we can optimise our content for visitor interest and provide a better user experience. Webtrends’ simple and intuitive user interface simplifies the process for analysing high volumes of data to track metrics and create reports – critical when the Met Office site receives up to 24 million unique visitors a week. We also appreciate the team’s expertise and consultancy to help us get the very best from the Analytics tools.”

Hugh Kimber, UK Sales Director, Webtrends, says: “It’s great to be working with an organisation as progressive as the Met Office. The Met Office‘s dedicated digital team leads the pack in creating relevant, useful content for its visitors based on proven insights, which is driving great results. With increased site visits and visitor engagement, the Met Office not only increases its credibility with advertisers, but also builds upon its established authority when syndicating content to its partners.”

Published on: 12:16PM on 4th March 2014