Adprecision, working with Google and Overture launches Europe’s first dynamic Search Engine advertising platform for the travel industry today.

Called Adprecision ESP (Enhanced Search Performance), the service aims to give travel companies the opportunity to display highly relevant sponsored ad-listings within Google Adwords and Overture. Ad-listings can now contain important elements such as prices, dates, departure, arrival and accommodation information taken directly from travel companies reservation or marketing systems.

Adprecision ESP then refreshes the ad-listings quickly and frequently to show accurate, up-to-date information in the ad-listing. The whole process is automatic thereby removing the manual task of generating thousands of keywords and writing individual ad-copy for each keyword.

For the consumer, this means they can now type in more detailed travel search phrases into search engines and obtain much more relevant and accurate advertisements from travel companies.

For the travel advertiser this means they can now offer specific products to the right customer at the right time in their pay-per-click sponsored listings, thereby improving the quality of clicks to their website and raising their marketing ROI.

Adprecision works closely with media and creative agencies to enhance their search marketing solutions. Mark Anderson, Media Director for Austrian Airlines says, "NMI Media chose to use the Adprecision ESP system for 3 good reasons - deep understanding of pay-for-performance marketing, excellent knowledge of our travel clients’ needs and a unique and highly effective technology platform to achieve our aims".

According to Alasdair Cross, Commercial Director of Adprecision, “Our system helps travel companies to refine and improve the quality and quantity of clicks coming from search engines and removes the layer of manual work involved in setting up search campaigns.”

Adprecision works closely with Google Adwords and Overture to ensure ads are posted in a timely fashion, with frequent, fast refreshes of travel product information.

Steve Endacott, CEO of Holiday Brokers, has been using Adprecision ESP since January and asserts that the results are pretty startling. “We’ve outsourced to Adprecision the delivery of the technology in order to achieve what we want from our pay-per-click marketing.” Endacott goes on to say “Adprecision has dramatically reduced our cost per click and increased our online bookings by over two-thirds, giving us a commercial advantage in a saturated marketplace".

Ian Brooks, Chairman of Century travel group states “"By using Adprecision's automated service we have halved the cost of our clicks to and dramatically reduced the workload on our marketing team. Their technology improves our marketing ROI by focusing on keywords and ad-copy that deliver better quality visitors to our website. We look forward to extending their service across our other brands."

About Adprecision

Adprecision is a search technology company with dedicated links to Google Adwords® and Overture®, helping travel companies achieve exceptional Return on Investment from their Pay per Click marketing.

As a marketing tool aimed at advertising agencies and travel companies, Adprecision links deeply into travel inventory systems and enables them to advertise their entire product range in major search engines by automatically producing ad-copy and keywords. Search Engine ad listings can then be automatically updated frequently to reflect changes in their travel inventory. Clients include Mediacom North, NMI Media Group, On Holiday Group, Century Travel, Holiday Oasis, Leisure Direction, Austrian Airlines and others.

Adprecision Limited 2005.

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* Doubleclick “Search before the Purchase” March 2005

Published on: 12:00AM on 29th April 2005