Does IT matter? You bet – and most boards want to make a much better fist of governing it. In this controversial new book – ‘IT Governance: Guidelines for Directors’ - Alan Calder says that getting the best out of IT isn’t rocket science, and that organizations with effective IT governance consistently generate better returns for their shareholders than equivalent organizations with ineffective IT governance.

‘IT Governance: Guidelines for Directors’ has just been released through It is not a technology book. It has been written specifically for all those directors, executives and senior business advisers grappling with the challenge of aligning IT with the business. It is a geek speak-free high level introduction to the business-critical subject of leveraging IT to compete more effectively in the information economy.

Controversially, it rejects IT ‘solutions’ as fashionable snake oil often peddled by IT vendors more interested in their own revenues than in the real success of their clients. It argues that getting real business value from IT is about leadership and that the board and CEO have to take the lead – or pay the price in project failure, security breaches, compliance exposures, reputation damage, job loss and jail time.

Written by Alan Calder, founder director of IT Governance Ltd ( and who writes, lectures and consults widely on governance, compliance, risk management and information security, this book is practical, pragmatic and firmly grounded in reality. Available as an eBook as well as in hard covers, this thought-leading book is pithy and to the point.

If the advance sales are anything to go by, every self-respecting business manager and leader wants this book – exclusively available now at

Published on: 12:00AM on 4th May 2005