2nd June 2014, London – Econsultancy (http://econsultancy.com) has today announced the publication of the Digital Analytics Buyer’s Guide.

The eighth edition of the report, formerly known as the Web Analytics Buyer’s Guide, contains an analysis of market trends and a digital analytics request for proposal template (RFP).

The report, which has a global focus, is aimed at business professionals who want to select a digital analytics vendor appropriate for their organisation.

The guide contains profiles from 16 leading vendors of digital analytics technology, as well as extensive insight from digital analytics thought leaders.

Trends covered in this guide include:
-) New data types come to the fore as analytics sector broadens horizons
-) Businesses seek to capitalise as technology empowers consumers
-) Attitudes towards big data remain mixed, as companies struggle with volume of data
-) Social analytics climbs up the agenda, despite difficulty measuring ROI

Econsultancy Research Analyst Bola Awoniyi, said: “While analytics has been mostly focused around desktop web activities in previous years, the adoption of mobile devices and social media platforms by consumers has allowed organisations to broaden the use of analytics and build a much richer picture of customer habits, preferences and opinions.

“Such insights are invaluable for informing strategy, shaping commercial activities and creating personalised customer experiences. Organisations must ensure they select the right digital analytics vendors for their organisation and operations, so they can maximise their data accordingly.”

This research focuses on digital analytics, with a particular focus on vendors who provide solutions that capture data, rather than bolt-on solutions for analysis.

For the first time the report includes an RFP template which guides buyers through the functional and non-functional requirements to consider when shortlisting digital analytics vendors.

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Published on: 3:15PM on 2nd June 2014