Innometrics, providers of Profile Cloud, the platform for creating actionable customer intelligence for omni-channel organisations, today announced that it is to hold a free breakfast seminar for marketers and CRM experts on July 3rd at the Haymarket Hotel in London.

The need to treat customers as individuals has changed the rules of customer engagement, yet the ability to turn insight into action and create highly personalised experiences is not simple. This free-to-attend seminar is set up to be an active discussion into how organisations can keep pace with the rate of change in online customer behaviour and how to engage with customers across digital platforms. Open to all marketers and CRM managers, the event will show how detailed customer profiles can provide behavioural insights which can in turn increase ROI from any number of existing marketing technology investments.

Alexander Widmark, Conversion Manager at 3, the mobile telecommunications provider, will
explain how 3 builds a comprehensive profile to help drive a personalised experience for each
customer and Heather Hopkins, Senior Analyst, Econsultancy, will be sharing the latest research
into data management and why it will be a key focus in 2015. The morning will be completed with
sessions from Innometrics’ CEO, Mattias Ward and UK Managing Director, Andy Walker.

Practical information:
To register for this free-to-attend event or for more information,
Location: Haymarket Hotel, Suffolk Place, London SW1Y 4HX
Event time: Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 from 8.30am - 11.30am
Tube station: Charing Cross or Piccadilly Circus
About Innometrics
Innometrics began life as a philosophy. A desire to inspire more meaningful engagement between customers and organisations. A commitment to empowering a different type of conversation.
A customer’s behaviour and interaction with a brand could tell an organisation all they need to know to create personalised experiences and campaigns. Currently brands are unable to capture this information and use it. Profile Cloud from Innometrics enables brands to do this. It is the game changing platform that dynamically combines different sources of customer activity, existing in-house customer data and online behaviour to create one powerful, actionable, real-time profile for each customer. Profile Cloud will power an organisations existing marketing, sales and customer services technologies. Delivering on the need for meaningful engagement and greater return on investment. 
A reliable partner, Innometrics is trusted by many organisations to help build authentic and meaningful consumer interaction.
The company has offices in Stockholm and London.
More information is available at

Media contact:
Martha de Monclin
Bijou PR for Innometrics
Tel: 0777 168 2434

Published on: 8:04AM on 10th June 2014