Web Analytics Association (WAA) welcomes speed-trap as member; WAA, an open, non-for-profit organisation formed to disseminate latest information, resources, and best practices throughout the industry

Newbury, Berkshire, May 5th, 2005  speed-trap today announced that it has become a member of the Web Analytics Association (WAA). The mission of the not-for-profit international organisation being to unite and foster the interests of end-users, vendors, consultants and educators involved in measuring the success of their online business initiatives.

Online shopping is a growing, multi-billion dollar industry. According to Forrester Research, digital marketing — Web analytics’ first cousin — grew 24% in 2004, helping to drive demand for site analytics. And, as nearly two-thirds of online consumers research online then purchase offline, firms will seek ways to track customers across channels — and Web analytics fit the bill perfectly (“Web Analytics Market: Continued Growth in 2005,” Nov. 30, 2004). In addition, 54% of companies expect to spend more or significantly more on web analytics in 2005 (“Customer Experience Spending Expands,” Forrester Research, Jan. 2005).

Commenting upon speed-trap joining the WAA Jim Sterne its president said: “We're delighted to have the additional international strength speed-trap brings to the WAA and look forward to the benefit of their advice and support”.

Expanding upon the role of the WAA Stern continued: “More than ever before, marketers are required to justify expenses based on metrics. Since the web is a great medium for measurability and optimization, it’s no wonder that marketers are drawn to the online world, but many organizations still don’t realise the value of web analytics or aren’t empowered to take action. The WAA sets out to promote issues like education, advocacy and standards to strengthen and stabilise the growing web analytics industry.”

Malcolm Duckett, VP of Marketing and Operations at Speed-trap at speed-trap said: “As one of the leading and innovative European players in the industry we are pleased to now be able to include our voice and play an active part in helping the WAA in its important role of addressing, amongst other issues, awareness, common terminology and of course best practices”. Duckett further commented: “Of course our e-business intelligence suite of products have wider reach than traditional Web Analytics; not only providing business information and statistics re activity in the site, but via our Dynamic Collection™ Technology, significant additional data is provided allowing an in-depth and unique view of visitor experience and customer journeys.”

About speed-trap
speed-trap is the e-business intelligence company. The company provides technology and solutions that provide accurate, real-time and complete data on the interactions between customers and web sites. Moving beyond traditional Web Analytics speed-trap not only provides statistical and business information on activity in the site, but uses the in-depth data provided by its Dynamic Collection™ Technology to give a unique view of visitor experience and customer journeys providing valuable insights into how well on-line assets are meeting objectives.
speed-trap’s solutions are being used by businesses to drive and monitor their on-line marketing activity including the monitoring, measurement and management of their on-line business. This includes applications such as campaign management, customer segmentation, customer experience monitoring and performance measurement. Other customers are using the technology to monitor key business metrics and drive real-time content management systems.
speed-trap was founded in January 2000 and is based in the UK with headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire. See www.speed-trap.com for further information.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 5th May 2005