Tremor Video has formed an international partnership across the UK, US and Canada with DoubleVerify that aims to reduce online ad fraud by eliminating machine or bot-based impressions from campaigns.

When a call to serve an ad is received, DoubleVerify’s fraud protection technology determines whether it’s from a bot or consumer – if it's a bot the impression is blocked and the ad won’t be served.

"Digital ad fraud is a significant concern for our industry and is something that Tremor Video and our advertising partners are collaborating on to eliminate," said Alex Macnamara, Tremor Video’s UK managing director. "We are completely committed to providing our advertising partners with the highest quality environments and placements and this partnership is a another important step to ensure brand safety is paramount."

This follows previous initiatives from Tremor Video to give advertisers more transparency around online video ads. Their product VideoHub® was the first video ad technology to be accredited by the MRC for a video ad viewability metric while they're the only company to offer guaranteed pricing - advertisers only pay when an ad is 100% viewable on the screen and viewed 100% to the end.

Published on: 2:01PM on 16th July 2014