Agreement enables APR Smartlogik to integrate speed-trap’s search intelligence product with its e-Government solution Semaphore, to create Semaphore Pulse™

Newbury, Berkshire, 5th May 2005 – speed-trap Limited, the e-business intelligence company has announced today that it has agreed a OEM technology agreement with Cambridge based APR Smartlogik, the leading supplier of taxonomy-based solutions for the e-Government sector.

The first result of the agreement has been the integration of speed-trap’s Search Intelligence tool within Semaphore, APR Smartlogik’s market-leading solution. With Search Intelligence, Semaphore now has the additional capability to carry out analysis and performance monitoring. This enhanced version will be marketed as Semaphore Pulse™,

Semaphore currently allows public sector organisations to maintain and enhance taxonomies, including the IPSV (formerly GCL, LGCL and Seamless) and apply this knowledge to automatically and intelligently tag documents with subject metadata. Semaphore also provides enhanced search capability by using this controlled vocabulary to match citizen language to government services. Semaphore Pulse™ now extends these capabilities considerably by enabling the analysis of in-site search engines’ behaviour and performance, and by analysing users’ input and actions to better understand what visitors are thinking, along with their likely intentions, thereby allowing the search engine’s performance to be fully optimised.

Malcolm Duckett, VP of Marketing and Operations at Speed-trap, said: “This agreement and the ensuing launch of Semaphore Pulse™ now allows site owners to browse results from Search Intelligence’s analysis of data from every search, thus making search analysis far more productive, intuitive and effective. This is a highly useful and welcome resource for any website operator seeking to maximise the effectiveness of their site”.

Jeremy Bentley, APR Smartlogik’s Chief Executive added: “The agreement between APR Smartlogik and speed-trap enables us, due to the additional facilities that are now an inherent part of Semaphore Pulse™, to analyse searches undertaken by the public and employees, thus giving a good insight into the subjects and topics that these users are interested in. This information can then be used to enhance the taxonomy and improve the search experience, such that ‘findability’ is achieved. Findability is important to better serve the public, at a lower cost to the government, whether these savings are achieved in the call centre, or through effective web self-service.

“Search engines take users input, and either respond with results, such as a particular item of content or else a ‘no results’ response. Now Semaphore with its new Pulse addition can analyse each search attempt and indicate how well the web-site is dealing with questions, identify which common questions are not finding results and which content is being commonly viewed. This means that Semaphore Pulse™ enables public sector information managers to understand how users are using ‘search’, and furthermore enables analysis of the data being entered - thus highlighting opportunities or problems, which all ultimately lead to spending more than necessary.”

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About speed-trap
Speed-trap is the e-business intelligence company. The company provides technology and solutions that provide accurate, real-time and complete data on the interactions between customers and web sites. Moving beyond traditional Web Analytics speed-trap not only provides statistical and business information on activity in the site, but uses the in-depth data provided by its Dynamic Collection™ Technology to give a unique view of visitor experience and customer journeys providing valuable insights into how well on-line assets are meeting objectives.

Speed-trap’s solutions are being used by businesses to drive and monitor their on-line marketing activity including the monitoring, measurement and management of their on-line business. This includes applications such as campaign management, customer segmentation, customer experience monitoring and performance measurement. Other customers are using the technology to monitor key business metrics and drive real-time content management systems.

speed-trap was founded in January 2000 and is based in the UK with headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire. See for further information

About APR Smartlogik
APR Smartlogik Ltd is a leading supplier of technology for the public sector. Smartlogik technology organises unstructured information, increases the efficiency of decision-making and improves access to information and services.

APR Smartlogik has over 40 staff based in Cambridge and London. Smartlogik technology is used in more than 500 global organisations in the private and public sectors, including Kent Connects, Houses of Parliament, DCMS, SurreyOnline, The Stationery Office, London Borough of Sutton, Portsmouth City Council, DTI, and many more.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 5th May 2005