Leading integrated agency Mr B & Friends broadens its client offer this week by launching a Marketing Innovation proposition for clients. The new offer will be headed up by industry award winner Clare Jonik who has previously worked for BBH and Channel 4 and joins the agency from Future Publishing. Jonik has worked with major clients ranging from Virgin to Tesco and has been the recipient of a British Media Award in 2013, a Content Marketing Award in 2012 and a Digital Magazine Award in 2012.

Mr B & Friends has taken the decision to embark on a Marketing Innovation offer due to the increasing demand from clients for ideas that quite simply break the mould. The offer will specialise in techniques such as data capture, social media, interactive publishing, mobile marketing, web and in-store technology.

Clare Jonik , Head of Marketing Innovation, says, “With today’s media landscape becoming increasingly fragmented clients are often at a loss to know what marketing activity they should pursue. This poses tough new questions for agencies. How do we tell clients something that they don’t already know? And, what activity can we recommend that will help brands engage with consumers who are ripe for change? Whereas, just a few years ago, a typical agency brief might be to build a new web site, the challenge is now a much broader and harder one, for example, how do we reach more women? Our new Marketing Innovation offer enables us to solve big problems for clients by using new technology that will enable them to interact with consumers in a wholly fresh way.”

Simon Barbato, founder of Mr B & Friends, adds, “This is a compelling offer, headed up by one of the country’s leading practitioners. For a while now we have been in need of a way to ‘join up all the dots’ of what we do as an agency, from design to branding and social media to interactive. Now that Clare has joined us we can leverage all the skills we have into a wholly new offer that uses new marketing techniques to address challenges for both medium sized and bigger brands.”


Published on: 11:14AM on 23rd July 2014