Peperami Noodles, which infuses normal noodles with slices of real Peperami to create a new and exciting meal, has launched with a campaign featuring the Peperami Noodles Army - a shadowy underground movement dedicated to “making the mundane insane.”

The activity targets students and young men through the web and mobile devices. It includes offering the voice and image of the famous Peperami Animal as an exclusive ring-tone and mobile wallpaper, which consumers can pay to download.

The web site at shows the Headquarters of the Peperami Noodles Army. Using embedded video, their leader invites visitors to take a tour of the organisation’s Training Camp, and watch their recruitment films. The films show scenarios including a game of chess livened up by crossing it with a form of Russian roulette, and a member taking the predictability out of water-skiing by attempting it from the back of a jet fighter. When visitors join up, they receive a Welcome Pack which includes more exclusive video content, details of how to create their uniform, and the opportunity to get the ring-tone or mobile wallpaper.

The activity will be promoted through viral seeding of the films and with rich media online advertising.

Iain Brooksbank, Brand Manager for Peperami at Unilever, said: “In this campaign, the manic energy that is synonymous with Peperami is the inspiration for an entire army of lads, to show snackers just how much more exciting new Peperami Noodles are than ordinary noodles.”

Richard Hedges, Group Account Director at AKQA, said: “Peperami has always innovated online, and this campaign continues that with exclusive film content created specifically for the web. It’s perfect for the brand as for movies to be passed on they need to be surprising, original and make you laugh – everything people associate with Peperami.”

AKQA created the campaign idea, delivered strategy, creative and technology, and wrote the viral films.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 5th May 2005