On Tuesday September 9th Michael Dravnieks, UX (User Experience) Consultant at Coast Digital will be holding an insightful webinar titled "Don't Regret your website redesign: Make sure you include UX." The webinar will explore one of the most common mistakes made by companies as they embark on redesigning their websites, not speaking to users to understand their requirements.

In a content packed 30-40 minutes, the webinar will highlight a range of topics associated with website design and the growing importance of UX in the design process. Specifically, it will cover:

1. An introduction to UX: This section will dive into the subject of UX, defining what UX means in the digital world, bringing clarity to what is a commonly used term and explaining the impact good UX can have on a business.

2. The correct approach to UX: Following on will be a discussion around the common mistakes people make when they are redesigning websites and, how to avoid them by following a robust UX process.

3. Practical ways to undertake UX: This element will investigate how businesses can get to know their users, and gives actionable advice on the methodology for doing so.

4. What UX results look like: Finally, the webinar will look at typical UX outputs and the results it can, and should achieve.

5. Q&A: At the close there will be a short question and answer session for webinar attendees.

The webinar will be conducted by Michael, a UX Designer who has over 7 years of experience in the digital industry. Having worked on projects for Sony, Chelsea FC and Channel 4 he came to Coast in 2013 and since this time has become a key member of the strategy team. On being asked about the webinar Michael said "UX is such a key part of any modern website design and the beauty is that it makes a real difference very quickly. I look forward to helping people to get a better understanding of how they can get started and change the way they approach a web project."

Anyone interested in viewing the webinar can register for the event using the URL below.


Details: Tuesday, September 9th, 2:30PM-3:30PM BST.

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Published on: 2:28PM on 27th August 2014