Search retargeting represents the fastest growing segment of display advertising, however its benefits are yet to be fully realised in the UK. With 63% of brands and 79% of agencies currently using search retargeting in the US, it fills the void between top of the funnel prospecting and bottom of the funnel conversion solutions. By combining the accuracy of search with the reach and scale of display, search retargeting finds new users who are purchase-ready and aids them towards conversion.

Found has partnered with search retargeting specialist, Captify, to create a white paper to uncover the role search retargeting can play in sharpening campaign delivery; revealing how it works and, more importantly, how it can add value.

Tina Judic, Managing Director of Found commented, “I’m excited to launch our inaugural white paper, one of a series that will explore the digital landscape and deep-dive into some of the latest technologies and approaches of today and tomorrow.”

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Published on: 3:56PM on 25th September 2014