DataCash, the UK's leading payment services provider, today announced it has integrated with CLICK2PAY, the e-Wallet provided by Wire Card AG, Europe's leading supplier of financial supply chain solutions.

The integration means DataCash can meet the growing demand from its customers to extend the number of ways they can process payments internationally. Historically DataCash has supplied merchants with the ability to be paid by credit, debit card and UK direct debit. DataCash can now offer a global payments solution to support its merchants' requirements including ACH in North America, ELVs in Germany, bank wire in Scandinavia, direct debit in Singapore and offline and online money transfers.

DataCash's strategy is to integrate with best of breed technology partners to supply customers with the widest range of payment methods available. The partnership with CLICK2PAY represents a significant development of this strategy. DataCash continues to explore similar partnering opportunities further to extend the range and depth of payment solutions it can bring its customers.

CLICK2PAY was launched in May 2004. Its userbase is growing at more than 20% per month and comprises merchants and users from all over the world. CLICK2PAY is supported by a 500 man call centre which is able to communicate in seven languages including Chinese and Japanese. The CLICK2PAY wallet can be used to pay for goods and services with any DataCash merchant that has elected to use the service. Importantly for the gaming market, CLICK2PAY can be used to make instant transactions and withdrawals. This feature is a major differentiator from other e-Wallets and is especially important in allowing first time users to place a bet quickly rather than have to wait until funds are cleared through the financial networks.

DataCash believes CLICK2PAY will be particularly well received by its gaming clients who require the broadest possible payment solutions in what is already a truly global business. CLICK2PAY should also allow DataCash to expand its presence in other sectors such as the digital content market where wallets are a more economic and practical method of collecting micro and small value payment than traditional credit and debit cards.

"What we really like about the CLICK2PAY is it has been built acknowledging the importance of local languages and payment preferences rather than expecting the world to deal in dollars and use credit cards," says Gavin Breeze, development director at DataCash. "We look forward to working with CLICK2PAY to drive this powerful proposition into the marketplace."

For more information on using CLICK2PAY and DataCash please contact:

Julie Sands
DataCash Ltd
Tel 0870 7274 761

Published on: 12:00AM on 10th May 2005