Zip TV’s latest Veet interactive ad campaign combines key brand extension with unique measurability

Today, Zip Television (Zip TV) announces the launch of its latest interactive TV campaign for Reckitt Benckiser’s Veet Wax Strips. The light-hearted advert extends the key brand message from a 30 second spot to several minutes at the touch of the red button: reinforcing its linear ad campaign. The third Zip TV campaign from this leading FMCG will be aired on Channel 4, Channel 5, IDS and Sky. Zip TV’s ‘i-count’ tool will provide powerful brand measurements, while the ‘smart email’ function will increase the percentage of e-mail capture.

Veet’s Brand Manager, Charlotte Hey is excited by the interactivity and extended branding that Zip TV brings to the campaign, saying: “The aim of the Veet Virgins campaign is to reinforce the key messages from the broadcast campaign. Extending the brand message from 30 seconds to several minutes, coupled with Zip TV’s measurement tools will create a greater brand impact and increased accountability.”

The ‘Are you still a Wax Virgin Campaign?’ challenges the consumer who has never waxed before, to try the product. It is created to tackle the barriers to waxing by changing preconceptions that waxing is a painful, messy process. It is, in fact, quick, easy and not as painful as people think. The advert entices the viewer to press the red button by asking the question: ‘Are you still a Wax Virgin? Press red to enter the Veet quiz and you could try it for free.’

The quiz adds an element of fun and interactivity to the campaign and asks such questions as: ‘Have you ever walked barefoot over hot sand?’ to see if they are tough enough to lose their wax virginity. Viewers are encouraged to leave their details with the offer of a free wax strip.

Guy Abbott, Business Development Director at Zip TV, explains the benefits of the i-count measurement tool: “I-count enables advertisers to accurately measure the total number of viewers who press the red button rather than focus on response data, which is limited to those viewers who provide personal details.”

The combination of the i-count data with the total impacts delivered by channel, daypart and programme provides Reckitt Benckiser with a valuable insight into the effectiveness of its total TV spend.

Zip TV’s smart email function will make it easier for users to leave their details with a pre-fill function: increasing the percentage of e-mail capture and the cost of fulfilment for advertisers.

It is believed that Zip TV’s latest features will have a positive long-term affect on media plans of the future, as advertisers and agencies strive for greater efficiency and measurability.


Editors notes

About Zip Television
Zip Television is a specialist independent interactive television company.

The company’s aim is to help shape the future of interactive television by developing new products and services that benefit its clients and support the growth of this new industry.

Zip TV has a detailed working knowledge of the iTV landscape in the UK working closely with the major broadcasters and digital platforms. The team’s skills are founded on years of interactive media and creative experience combined with data planning and analysis.

The Zip TV channel is an initiative based on a consortium of advertisers representing 40% of the top 50 TV advertisers. The consortium is taking an active role in the development of this industry as well as share insight and learning to exploit the brand opportunities that this new medium provides.

The Zip TV Channel is the first alternative interactive TV advertising channel. It is available to consortium members and non members who want to use interactive TV backed by research and develop learning based on their activity.

Members include, Orange, BT, Gillette, the COI, Unilever, Masterfoods, Camelot, Honda, Reckitt Benckiser and Woolworths.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 12th May 2005