Leading currency brand XE.com has chosen Exponential Interactive to monetise their in-app and mobile web inventory globally in an exclusive two-year deal.

The XE Currency app is integrating an SDK (software development kit) from Exponential’s mobile engagement division Appsnack into its iOS and Android versions that will manage the ad serving to maximise ad revenues.

The SDK provides publishers with transparency into how audiences are accessing their properties – whether in-app or mobile web – and which ads drive most revenue. Consequently, it manages and optimises ad campaigns in-flight accordingly.

XE.com’s app, XE Currency, launched in 2009, is the world’s most popular foreign exchange app with over 30 million downloads. Around 15% of XE.com’s customers are in the UK.

XE.com's Kit Purdy said, “The impressive results we’re already experiencing are indicative of the sophistication and ease of use that Exponential’s SDK provides. The deal will make our swift transition to mobile more efficient and streamlined.”

Rick Abell from Exponential pointed out that “Early results convey the importance of partnering with an integrated, comprehensive solution provider to simplify the ad serving process and increase revenue which we’ll help XE.com to do on mobile.”

Published on: 5:25PM on 12th November 2014