Another Sunday evening, another budding entrepreneur faces the Dragons, with the guarantee that if they don’t get an investment, they will at least get some dispassionate yet sage business advice.

Recently we saw Tej Randeva pitching his Spice 2 Go venture, a blend of Dominos and your local Indian takeaway. Having established that Tej’s grasp of his numbers was less than perfect, Deborah Meaden concluded that Tej had nothing to sell to a franchisee other than brand, and challenged him to explain what his brand was all about.

The brand, he countered, is about consistency; about having curry delivered to your door within 24 minutes.

“No,” retorted Ms. Meaden, “that’s service.”

Tej fired back that service is part of the brand, and he’s right. It’s not just about colours, logos, positioning statements and shop fittings, it’s about making the customer feel great. It’s about serving them brilliantly at every point in their journey. For a business like Spice 2 Go, that means digitally, when ordering online, the way in which the delivery team behave, the way in which the franchise deals with problems and the approach the brand takes to dealing with interaction on social media.

89% of customers stop doing business with a company after a single bad experience and by 2020, customer experience is set to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. That’s why it’s so critical.

Later in the show, we met Asi and David, 50% of the team behind the rather wonderful, an interesting project that’s grown into a business, producing personalised books for children, based around their name. With 14,000 names in the latest census, it’s quite a big ask.

Blending storytelling with technology is what this business is all about, along with recognising that there’s still something joyful about a real, physical book, as opposed to a screen. Storytelling is a foundation stone of content marketing and this is why we urge our clients, whether they’re commissioning digital or analogue work, to look for the story behind what they’re trying to say. It gets the message across so much more effectively.

So next time you write a press release or a case study, design an infographic or produce a corporate film, make sure there’s a great story within it.

Published on: 10:50AM on 28th November 2014