Meetrics has been accredited for its ability to measure viewable ad impressions by the US-based Media Rating Council (MRC).

Its the first time the MRC has accredited a European viewability product for display and video ad viewability measurements. Meetrics accreditation is for its Viewable Ad Impression measurement in its Ad Attention Monitor product.

Philipp von Hilgers, Meetrics’ Managing Director said, "In the programmatic era, ad viewability has become a major issue - our data has shown that around 40-60% of programmatic ads served are never visible, thus, wasting a significant proportion of ad spend.”

He also said that "advertisers have a fundamental expectation that every ad they pay for should, at least, have the potential to be seen," and that "advertisers are demanding more accountability" and that

Meetrics' tech was built upon on research conducted at MIT, combining page geometry and browser optimisation tech to capture the key properties of web pages and user’s activities on them. Using this vast database of user behavior patterns and URLs, they help advertisers avoid wasting ad spend on sites with low ad viewability.

George W. Ivie, MRC’s Executive Director and CEO, said, "We congratulate Meetrics for meeting the demanding standards required to achieve MRC accreditation. As a result, digital advertising buyers and sellers can look to Meetrics as a trusted source of insight and accountability for their campaigns.”

Published on: 5:30PM on 15th January 2015