Webtrends is proud to announce it has been awarded WhichTestWon’s 500th test honour, for improving optimisation and increasing sign-ups for an international travel company.

Webtrends was selected due to evidence that showed running a more in-depth test can get you surprising and rewarding results. The winning test aimed to provide insight into how to increase email sign-ups through the website.

Webtrends ran A/B and multivariate tests in both Italy and the UK to see if there were differences based on locality. Version A of the test displayed an email-only field, and Version B displayed both an email field and an ‘airport of choice’ drop-down menu. The test showed that optimisation is improved with the insight delivered, and the implementation of that insight improved the website performance.

The results suggested that cultural differences between international audiences affected their online behaviour. Upon analysis of the results, Webtrends theorised that customer care is more highly valued in Italy, so the additional form field was seen as a positive attempt to create a more personalised experience. However, in the UK visitors may have seen filling in the extra field as more work.

“This is a great example of where digging deeper with optimisation can lead to some unexpected results, and we’re happy to be recognised by WhichTestWon for their 500th honour,” says John Fleming, Marketing Director EMEA & APAC, Webtrends. “It is clear there are geographical and cultural differences in these results with significant increase and decrease on the website in different countries, so it was imperative to us to run the tests on all sites and implement all the language variants. This is proof that optimisation is more than just simply A/B testing.”

See the results of the test here: https://whichtestwon.com/test/email-pop-version-won-italy-lost-uk/

Published on: 3:34PM on 23rd January 2015