Beacon support and in-app behavioural tracking enabling improved personalisation

Stockholm and London, 3 February, 2015 — Innometrics, providers of Profile Cloud, the platform for creating actionable customer intelligence for multichannel organisations, today announced a series of improvements to its customer data management platform.

Profile Cloud dynamically combines different sources of customer activity, existing in-house customer data and online behaviour into one central place. With this release Innometrics enables marketers to provide personalisation right to the mobile.

In-App behavioural tracking
With smartphone penetration estimated at 65% according to Kantar*, many brands and retailers have created apps as part of their marketing strategy. However while many brands are already able to track customer behaviour online, they have not been able to track how consumers use their mobile apps. Profile Cloud can now track in-app customer behaviour in real-time enabling brands to provide personalised offers to their customers. Profile Cloud treats the data from the app and the often separate analytics as another datafeed to bring in to the customer profiling solution. Once the customer profile is completed with the data from the app and the other silos, the profiled data can be actioned in real-time by providing personalised offers. As Profile Cloud is platform agnostic, brands can use their current email, SMS and other marketing solutions to deliver those offers.

Beacon support
When beacons have been rolled out by US retailers, brands have found that there is a 16.5 x increase in app use and this has evolved into increased sales. Marrying beacon information with customer data already held in-house provides an even better way to engage shoppers. Profile Cloud provides this capability with a very simple drag and drop interface.

“Consumers are becoming more mobile and smartphone use is increasing. At the same time consumers are asking for a more personalised experience. With this release, we enable brands to combine information from a wide variety of sources whether from beacons, mobile apps, websites or in-house databases to have a much more detailed view of the customer. That single customer view can then be provided in real-time to a company’s existing marketing technology to be actioned,” explains Andy Walker, EMEA Director at Innometrics.

Profile Cloud also includes:
Over 350 integrations with existing applications for sales, marketing and customer service such as email platforms, analytics platforms, SMS platforms, CRM systems, CMS platforms, open data such as weather data etc.
A simple single interface to manage real-time profile data across different channels and technologies.
Profile Cloud can stream data from any source and in any format to noSQL databases, Excel or flat files.

“With this release we are aiming to provide both marketers with the tools they need to make personalisation simple but also to enable the IT department to quickly and easily integrate customer profile data into their existing systems. For many years companies have been striving for a Single Customer View. We believe with Profile Cloud, we are much closer to that ideal,” concludes Andy Walker.

*Source: The latest smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, for the three months ending November 2014.

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About Innometrics
Innometrics began life as a philosophy. A desire to inspire more meaningful engagement between customers and organisations. A commitment to empowering a different type of conversation.
A customer’s behaviour and interaction with a brand could tell an organisation all they need to know to create personalised experiences and campaigns. Currently brands are unable to capture this information and use it. Profile Cloud from Innometrics enables brands to do this. It is the game changing platform that dynamically combines different sources of customer activity, existing in-house customer data and online behaviour to create one powerful, actionable, real-time profile for each customer. Profile Cloud will power an organisations existing marketing, sales and customer services technologies. Delivering on the need for meaningful engagement and greater return on investment.
A reliable partner, Innometrics is trusted by many organisations to help build authentic and meaningful consumer interaction.
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Published on: 11:56AM on 5th February 2015