Thursday 19 February, 2015

Personalisation, predictive marketing and mobile optimisation are all areas which can help brands turn an adequate digital customer experience into a great one, according to research published today.

The Digital Experience report, published by Econsultancy in partnership with Sitecore, has identified the following areas as ‘extra mile’ factors which can make a significant difference to customer satisfaction.
• Website works well on a smartphone and tablet.
• Brand predicts your needs, for example send relevant offers that relate to your next potential purchase.
• Website information can be tailored to your requirements.
• Website integrates well with other touchpoints, e.g. social media and payment.
• The digital and offline experience contain moments of delight which make you want to tell your friends about it.

Econsultancy carried out surveys of both marketers and consumers to ascertain what they thought were the most important elements of a digital experience out of a total of 17 attributes, while also gauging customer satisfaction across a range of business sectors.

A statistical technique called maximum difference scaling (MaxDiff) was employed so that survey respondents were forced to make choices about what was most important to them.

The research also found that both marketers and consumers are aligned around some of the most important hygiene factors necessary for a “good” online experience. These included:
• Easy to find what you’re looking for.
• Easy to carry out basic tasks.
• You can achieve what you need to do in very few clicks.
• Up-to-date information.
• Website gives you the right level of detail.

The research also explored consumer and marketer attitudes across nine different industry sectors, including automotive, banking, travel, retail and utilities.

Commenting on the findings of the Digital Experience report, Econsultancy Research Director Linus Gregoriadis, said: “This research can help marketers and digital professionals ensure that they are allocating their resources as effectively as possible. The report helps to identify which attributes are ‘hygiene factors’ and which can really help brands ‘move the needle’ in a world where customer experience is more important than ever.”

Laurence Debruyne, Marketing Director, Sitecore UK, said: “What is clear from the findings is that marketers are aligned with consumers on what constitutes a good digital experience. The report reveals that consumers value the ability to easily find what they’re looking for and in the fewest clicks possible. They want relevant and timely information to suit their needs.

“Marketers who can optimise these aspects of the digital experience will deliver a good digital experience. To deliver excellent digital experiences, mobile optimisation and personalisation emerged as two ways that marketers can go the extra mile and offer best-in-class experiences to truly engage with their customers.”

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Published on: 10:35AM on 19th February 2015