Data exploration application built on Big Data now available to new clients

Webtrends, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, today announced that Webtrends Explore has been rolled out to its entire Analytics On Demand client base and is now available to new clients. Built on a Big Data platform, Explore allows marketers and analysts to dig deep into customer data to gain a complete understanding of online behaviors so that they never miss an opportunity to engage a customer in the right place at the right time.

“The customer journey has grown to be incredibly complex, leaving marketers without the right tools to connect the dots across customer touch points,” said Webtrends CEO Joe Davis. “Explore makes that connection, enabling brands to ask ad hoc questions about their data and get answers in an instant. Our clients, including Lufthansa and Nature Publishing, are now using it to uncover insights and answer questions the moment they arise.”

“Explore is an excellent addition to Webtrends Analytics,” said Sebastian Riedle, Director of Global Online Sales and Mobile Services at Lufthansa. “This tool lets us dive deep into our data and provides us the flexibility to answer important business questions immediately.”

Expanding on the Webtrends portfolio of marketing solutions, Explore unlocks the power of unlimited 1st party data by providing:

• Greater visibility into customers’ journeys across devices and channels, enabling companies to provide a more engaging and consistent customer experience

• Increased flexibility, speed and efficiencies during analysis of online behaviors across different customer segments

• Improved responsiveness in order to adjust campaigns or customer experiences due to unexpected behaviors or observed anomalies

“Explore is great for troubleshooting because it enables us to answer ad hoc questions that come up,” said Li-Kim Lee, Web Analytics Manager at Nature Publishing Group. “It’s also helpful to be able to segment data on the fly. We are interested in the technologic aspects of our users – devices and browsers used, for example – and Explore allows us to see these data in an intuitive interface.”

Webtrends continues to innovate with Big Data technologies to help marketers optimize and impact the customer journey, as it happens, based on a complete understanding of a customer’s behaviors. With today’s announcement, more than 750 clients have access to this new innovation, including active users Lufthansa, Nature Publishing, Domino’s Pizza, TomTom, Polaris Industries, and DHL IT Services and Toyota Europe.

Webtrends Twitter: @WebtrendsEMEA

Published on: 1:05PM on 24th February 2015