Major new client wins: MyTravel (UK), Kiwi Bank (New Zealand)

16 May 2005, Impington, Cambridge – Clickstream Technologies announces two key national and international wins. Its recently fully released Datasherpa™ data capture software tool has been implemented at Kiwi Bank in New Zealand and at MyTravel in the UK.

“These recent successes clearly establish Clickstream as the data collection tool of choice in active, dynamic e-Commerce environments,” said Titus Suck, Clickstream’s Director of Sales & Marketing. “Eliminating substantial IT overhead related to manual tagging and testing of tags is a key element in our value proposition. Furthermore, this technological benefit translates into a clear qualitative benefit which marketers value highly: our data are the best in the business insofar as they are unfailingly accurate and complete, allowing unique visitor monitoring even in complex affiliate marketing schemes.”

“We are especially please to see that our efforts to build an ecosystem of global alliances is beginning to take hold, and we congratulate our New Zealand partner, Calcium Software, on their acquisition of Kiwi Bank as a customer”, said Brewster Barclay, CEO of Clickstream.

About Clickstream

Clickstream’s Datasherpa software automates the collection of data about user activity on browser-based digital channels such as websites, intranets, extranets and web-based applications. It provides more comprehensive and more accurate data than any other technology, respects users’ privacy, and feeds data to leading databases and reporting tools in near-real time. Clickstream does not provide a web analytics tool but does partner with and provide its data to leading analytics, reporting and business intelligence platforms.

Clickstream’s data enables businesses to make accurate decisions that will improve the customer experience, optimise digital channel design and content, and maximise return on investment.

Clickstream Technologies PLC was formed in 1999 and the company’s head office is in Cambridge, UK.

Titus T. Suck
Director, Sales & Marketing
Clickstream Technologies, plc
Tel. 01223 233799

Published on: 12:00AM on 17th May 2005