Trust used to be something that was solely the preserve of the brand/consumer relationship. If customers could trust a brand they would be more likely to buy it, and more importantly they would be prepared to trust in brand extensions and new products. Trust would allow brands to take the customer into new unchartered territory: if you trust Dettol as a bottle of antiseptic then you are going to feel confident about their spray kitchen cleaner or their washing detergent.

Today, the importance of trust is spreading to the relationship between brands and their suppliers. In fact it seems to have become a key turning point in how brands see their agencies. One consultancy might have a track record in design, another may be known for above the line advertising campaigns but what brands really want above all else is not a shopping list of marketing disciplines, it is trust.

With the fragmentation of media and the interconnectedness of everything from social media to a billboard next to a bus stop, there is no clear divide anymore between design and advertising or above and below the line. Companies such as Beverage Partners Worldwide (BPW) do not believe that a marketing strategy has to be divided up in the traditional way. What drives their decision is answering the question "Who do we trust with Nestlé’s NESTEA® brand?"

This is taking the relationship away from simple brand guardianship. In this new era agencies will not have a prescription for the brand handed down to them to defend at all costs against a specific marketing remit. They will instead become trustees of the brand and that role will allow them to take the brand into any media.

BPW has embraced this shift. As licensee of Nestlé’s Iced Tea brand with major markets in Russia, Canada and Europe they began fresh work on NESTEA® seven years ago. Following the redesign of the brand’s visual identity led by Nestlé’s lead design agency, Taxi Studio were invited by BPW, to rethink, harmonise, implement and manage the overall visual identity system. However, since that time the agency has delivered creative solutions which blur the traditional boundaries of design, advertising and digital engagement.

A recent project has highlighted this trust. Briefed to create a series of product related images for social media Taxi Studio’s response delivered creative solutions suitable for online, outdoors, viral and experiential. It is the changing perceptions of brand-owners that has allowed this to come about; by seeing Taxi as a brand trustee they have been happy to see them knock down the walls between advertising and design.

What we are seeing is a new movement in the world of marketing which can only gather pace as technology continues to blitz us with new forms of media and communications.

Ryan Wills
Taxi Studio
Phone:0117 973 5151

Published on: 6:10PM on 12th March 2015