LONDON, MARCH 13, 2015 -- SignStix attracted large crowds at the Retail Design Expo this week, as it showcased its cloud-based digital signage platform through a series of live demonstrations.

SignStix - who has teamed up with Essex-based signage design and manufacturing firm ASG Ltd to deliver entirely bespoke digital signage packages - showcased its digital signage platform via 18 live demonstrations, spread across the two-day event. The 10-minute demos revealed how the SignStix platform handles 4K video out-of-the-box, dayparting, global deployment, video walls, animation and more.

The presentations, which demonstrated SignStix being utilised within a supermarket environment, a fashion store and quick service restaurant, bar and café allowed retailers to gain an understanding of the effectiveness of the platform when put into context.

SignStix’s consultant Matt Watson-Power, who spoke at the event, said:

“By physically taking individuals through the platform, retailers and marketers are able to gain an understanding of how little effort is required to make real impact within stores, without having to worry about servers, bulky hardware and complex signage content management systems.

“SignStix eliminates the barriers of digital signage, giving retailers the ability to instantly deploy from anywhere to anywhere thanks to the browser-based CMS.”

Nick Fearnley, Director of SignStix, commented on the success of the event:

“Retail Design Expo has allowed us to gain a great deal of insight and understanding into the future of the retail store, and how SignStix can play a pivotal role in the in-store customer engagement piece.

“SignStix’s ability to deliver marketing content globally within seconds has been well received, and with custom signage enclosures now possible thanks to ASG Ltd, we’re pleased to offer a proposition that is extremely attractive, for a low cost.

“We have some very exciting projects in the pipeline and we look forward to making further developments to the platform.”

For more information contact:

Aneysha Wakelin
Digital Marketing Executive
0845 863 0520

Published on: 2:55PM on 13th March 2015